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When Custom Costs Less Than Standard: The Benefits And Flexibility Of Custom Optical Assemblies
By Zygo Corporation

Optical subsystems exist in a wide variety of configurations for a range of applications. Most of the parts that go into such optomechanical assemblies are available as commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) parts, but is that really the right choice? Here are some questions you might ask when considering whether to build your own assembly or have it custom-made.

Spotlight On Optical Design & Testing
ColdVision Series For Machine Vision And Microscopy Illumination

The ColdVision series from SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging is composed of an extensive array of light sources, fiber optic guides, and accessories designed to work seamlessly with each other for illumination purposes in machine vision and microscopy applications. 

Infrared Transmission System

Image Science has developed a system for measuring the transmission of small IR lenses in the LWIR and MWIR wavebands. The infrared transmission system measures absolute transmission and minimizes the problems posed by testing short focal length lenses.

Thermal Stability Of The 157 Series Optical Thickness Gauge

This technical note explains how continuous references measurements, an optical design used to maintain optical alignment, and an interferometer’s optical path all contribute to the thermal stability of the 157 Series Optical Thickness Gauge by Bristol Instruments.

Laser Optics Components Catalog

LASER COMPONENTS manufactures individual optical components with high requirements in terms of substrate, coating, packaging, and documentation. Custom optics, even in small quantities, are also available for a variety of different applications. 

Aspherical And Spherical Optics For Commercial And Military Imaging Applications

Gooch & Housego manufactures precision optical components in numerous aspherical and spherical shapes, and in a wide variety of materials for commercial and military imaging applications. 

Commercial Optics

PG&O offers optical components used for commercial applications. These products have less demanding optical requirements and are therefore considerably more cost-efficient. Some of the available optical components include prisms, windows, hot mirrors, cold mirrors, and other types of mirrors.

Optical Filters: Right In Front Of Your Eyes
by Jason Palidwar, Iridian Spectral Technologies

Continued improvements in multilayer thin film filter (TFF) design and manufacturing methods — such as in-situ optical monitoring and automated coater control with dynamic design adjustment — have enabled successful production of optical filters with increasing control over the spectral shape. 

Semi-Transparent Mirrors For Visually Dynamic Hospitality Displays

Hotel, restaurant, and retail owners are increasingly using aesthetically pleasing high-performance semi-transparent mirrors to create a visually dynamic display/mirror combination. These mirrors are constructed with a display unit hidden behind the glass that is not visible until powered on. 

Considering High-Dynamic Range Global Shutter CMOS Sensors

CMOS image sensors with a global shutter (GS)—used to avoid image degradation caused by rolling shutter (RS) distortion—are ideal for applications including factory automation, UAVs, and automobile advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).

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Laser Measurement Best Practices: Thermal Offset Due To Sensor Heating

Thermal sensors are designed to measure the power of lasers according to their heat measurements. In some cases, the sensor may be heated due to environmental causes and result in an incorrect laser power measurement. This video provides a set of best practices to assume in order to get the most accurate thermal sensor readings every time.

Bulletin Board
High-Precision Fused Silica Quartz Wafers

HOYA’s high-precision fused silica quartz wafers are ideal for applications involving biotech arrays, telecommunications, photomasks, and sensors. They are ultra-parallel and are a dimensional replica of standard silicon wafers. They feature high transmission and a super fine surface finish. Three different models are available with variances in diameter and thickness.

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