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Minimizing Trade-Offs Between Spectral Smoothing And Resolution
By Ocean Optics

Boxcar smoothing is a convenient way to smooth out noise in a spectrum, enabling peaks of interest to be more easily viewed, defined, and characterized for properties like peak intensity, center wavelength, and FWHM (full width half maximum). It is a convenient complement to spectral averaging, particularly to minimize acquisition times, but must be used judiciously to avoid impacting the spectral resolution of the data acquired.

Spotlight On Positioning Equipment
Miniature Hexapod 6-Axis Positioner With Dynamic, Vacuum, High Resolution Options

PI’s H-811 miniature hexapod 6-axis positioner is designed with the options of standard, high-speed, vacuum, and high resolution configurations for research, industry, standard, vacuum, micro-manufacturing, medical, and tool control applications. 

RM21 Microscope For Fluorescence Microscopy

Mad City Labs’ RM21 microscope is an adaptable microscopy platform designed to allow direct access to the entire optical pathway and is capable of precision alignment in the X, Y, and Z axes. The Z-axis objective lens holder is precision aligned with the optical axis of the platform and can hold a single objective lens.

Digital Encoder Galvano Scanner

The GM-1000 series of digital encoder galvano scanners comprises four different models with variations in beam diameter, scan angles, small step response, and resolution. Each model has a compact physical profile, super low thermal drift, and extreme high resolution, precision, and accuracy.

No, Not That One: Imaging Systems And The ‘Other' Fiber Optics

Well-known as an enabling technology of telecommunications, fiber optics is also playing a pivotal role in imaging. This paper takes a closer look at the “other” fiber optics, illuminating the special qualities that make it the best solution for some of imaging’s most challenging problems and environments.

Technology Advances Lead To CMOS Sensor With Record Resolution

In the past decade, CMOS sensors have emerged as the imaging technology of choice for many applications. Today, they are not only used in almost all cell phones and mobile devices, but are also commonly found in industrial and medical cameras.

Optical Filters: Right In Front Of Your Eyes

Continued improvements in multilayer thin film filter (TFF) design and manufacturing methods — such as in-situ optical monitoring and automated coater control with dynamic design adjustment — have enabled successful production of optical filters with increasing control over the spectral shape. 

Eye Surgery Using Excimer And Femtosecond Lasers

In ophthalmology, lasers are used for refractive surgery to burn, cut, or remove objects to achieve optimal refractive power. This article discusses the use of excimer and/or femtosecond lasers in multiple types of operations to correct defective vision.

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Medical Eye Surgery

In this video, Jimmy Green, an OEM specialist, shares how Ophir Photonics assisted a lasik surgery company replace a plastic mode burn pre-test with an accurate laser measurement device.

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