World’s 1st True 1080p HD, Thermal Surveillance Camera

Viento HD IP67 is the world’s first commercially available, longwave-infrared (LWIR) camera with true high-def (HD) imaging. The unique thermal imager is based on a revolutionary 1920 x 1200 x 12µm uncooled sensor. Enclosed in a rugged IP67 housing, the Viento HD is ideal for security/surveillance apps. It includes a 24 mm F1.1 athermalized custom-designed optic, 30Hz frame rate, and thermal sensitivity at 30 mK NETD at F1.0.

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How To Customize Glass For New Light-Based Technologies
By Justine Galbraith, Kopp Glass

The ability to control light is often the key to many new light-based technologies and products. Those seeking to push the limits of what light can achieve should consider how glass filters can be used to selectively filter light, as glass is a highly flexible material and can be engineered to either absorb or transmit specific wavelengths of light.

Spotlight On Security And Surveillance
Solving 360° Perimeter Security

With an increase in global conflicts and threats, perimeter security and the protection of critical infrastructures, borders, harbors, and other territories has become much more important. Xenics’ 360° surveillance system is an efficient and cost-friendly monitoring solution to keep properties safe, day and night.

NIR InGaAs Pixel Chip Fabrication

InGaAs pixel chips are utilized in various products including 2D NIR/SWIR cameras, NIR/SWIR linear arrays, and avalanche photodiodes (APDs). This application note presents the process of creating NIR pixel chips starting at the crystal growth of semiconducting InGaAs on an InP substrate wafer to the product inspection.

Hyper-Cam Hyperspectral Imaging Camera

This lightweight and compact hyperspectral imaging sensor uses Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) technology. It provides unparalleled spatial and spectral information about the IR targets under measurement.

Selecting A Sapphire Window Manufacturer For High-Reliability ISR Applications: 6 Important Criteria

Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) windows must demonstrate superior performance to avoid compromising a mission’s success. Sapphire is extremely durable, scratch-resistant, withstands extreme temperatures, and transmits over a broad wavelength range of light.

Imaging In Persistent Aerial Surveillance And Reconnaissance Applications

In this video, Mike Leaning of Canon speaks about the importance of high-resolution imaging for applications that involve aerial surveillance and reconnaissance.

Radiometric Detection And Imaging: Tamarisk 320 Precision Series

The Tamarisk320 Precision Series of micro thermal imagers for radiometric detection and imaging offer 320 x 240-pixel resolution and are ideal for applications involving test and measurement, fire detection, equipment monitoring, perimeter security, gas leak detection, and more.

Understanding Noise In Pyroelectric IR Detectors

Since pyroelectric detectors are high-output thermal devices, the noise output is typically the limiting item to their performance. This application note discusses the various sources of noise in these devices and how it can affect the performance in each application.

Optical Thin Film Coatings Provide Safer Flight Conditions

Specialized thin film optical coatings are currently being designed into customized displays that serve to modify the viewing angle and eliminate unwanted stray light that would otherwise distract the pilot(s) and crew in commercial and military aircraft cockpits.

Fast Optical Alignment For SiP Production

Testing and packaging of silicon photonics elements requires nanoscale alignments that cannot be performed using visual or mechanical references. This article presents PI’s solution for fast, parallel, nanoscale-accurate, multi-DOF global optical alignment optimization.

You Cannot Manage What You Cannot Measure: Optical Filter Manufacturing

On the first day of DCS 2017, Jason Palidwar, with Iridian Spectral Technologies, spent a few minutes with us talking about the three key criteria that apply to all of the filters his company manufactures – surface quality, spectral characteristics, and durability and reliability.

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Outcomes Of Mid-Air Collisions Between Drops And Solid Particles

The study of drop-particle collisions involves examining the outcome of the impact of a particle on to a drop of liquid in mid-air. In applications such as tablet coating in the pharmaceutical industry, or the refining of heavy crude oil in fluid catalytic cracking, the information gleaned from this experiment is vital.

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