What a year for the optics and photonics industry in 2016! Researchers crafted a miniscule 6.3-nanometer lens, shaped a light-scattering optical antenna, showed that teleportation exists beyond Star Trek, and confirmed the existence of gravitational waves. In this edition, we’ll take a look back at the biggest industry news, most significant technological achievements, and popular products from the past 12 months.

Moving into 2017, the industry is primed to be even more exciting: solar cells are becoming less expensive and more efficient, quantum computing is speeding toward achievability, and shrinking optics technologies are being put to new uses daily, particularly in medtech. Here at Photonics Online, it is our goal to provide you unparalleled coverage of these breakthroughs, and we welcome questions, comments, or contributions to the site at editor@photnicsonline.com.

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Editor, Photonics Online

Top 10 Articles
1. The Seductive Siren Call Of The “Megapixel Lens” (And Why You Shouldn’t Listen To It)
By Schneider Optics
2. This Optical Antenna Is A Magic Wand For Light
By Els Parton and Niels Verellen, imec, Belgium
3. Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP): The Enabling Technology
By Bob Roberts, AXUS Technology
4. High-Speed Imaging With Laser Illumination
By Photron, Inc.
5. Airborne Mapping Spectroscopy At NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory
By Anatoly Vasiliev
6. Frequently Asked Questions: Infrared Detectors
By Opto Diode
7. Laser Gated Imaging
By Raf Vandersmissen, Xenics
8. How To Chop Diode Laser Beams Electrically At High Speed With Low Noise
By Gang Liu, Nan Shi, and Hongtao Zhou, Analog Technologies, Inc.
9. Proving Einstein Right…Again: Gravitational Wave Astronomy Is Now A Reality
By Julia H. Majors
10. Thermal Imaging Cameras Allow Machines To Read Human Emotions
By FLIR Systems, Inc
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