Technology Advances Lead To CMOS Sensor With Record Resolution

In the past decade, CMOS sensors have emerged as the imaging technology of choice for many applications. Today, they are not only used in almost all cell phones and mobile devices, but are commonly found in industrial and medical cameras.

Considering High Dynamic Range Global Shutter CMOS Sensors

CMOS Image sensors with a global shutter are ideal for a variety of applications, including factory automation, unmanned aerial vehicles, and automobile driver-assistance systems. For these applications, CMOS imaging sensors with a global shutter are used to avoid image degradation caused by rolling shutter distortion.

CMOS Sensor Family

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Advances In CMOS Image Sensors And Associated Processing: Part 1

New technology has exploited a 35 mm full-frame CMOS image sensor with spatial sampling of 1920 (H) x 1080 (V) to acquire a distinctively large photosite of 19 um x 19 um, which enabled development of an HD camera with unprecedented sensitivity.

3D Machine Vision: One Small Step For Robots, A Giant Leap For Factory Automation

Selecting and picking parts from an unstructured pile requires machines to provide vision and decision-making abilities to digitally instruct robots — a multifunctional challenge that has perplexed engineers for years. 3D machine vision systems “see,” analyze, and make decisions to meet production requirements of high accuracy, speed, and low maintenance while also being durable enough to withstand factory conditions.