Special Edition On Thermal Imaging
Hot Topic: The Promise, Advantages, And Challenges Of High-Speed Infrared Cameras

Thermally characterizing high-speed targets is a challenging task, one that is difficult to undertake with traditional forms of temperature measurement. This Q&A details how next-generation high-speed IR cameras are up to this challenge, pointing out their functions, benefits, and limitations.

The Advantages Of LWIR SLS Thermal Cameras

New Type II Strained Layer Superlattice (SLS) detector materials may be the high-performance, lower cost solution researchers are looking for. By offering shorter integration times, wider temperature ranges, better uniformity, stability, and price, these materials are an ideal solution to consider over MWIR InSb and LWIR MCT materials, and are much cheaper than current LWIR MCT cameras.

Forensic Investigations Using Thermography And Steam

Investigators are continuously searching for an optimal solution for finding concrete blood evidence in less-than-ideal circumstances. This is especially important when working with fabrics carrying diluted blood stains, which could easily be affected by the common practice of adding liquid luminol. Chemistry researchers at the University of South Carolina are investigating an alternative method for detecting and recording evidence of biological fluids. With the use of steam and infrared cameras, the team was able to visualize blood with astonishing chemical contrast.

Catnip Cultivation May Offer Natural Mosquito Repellent Alternative

Mosquitos cause constant concern in tropical regions because they can carry deadly diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, and the Zika virus. Amid the global efforts to control outbreaks of Zika and other mosquito-borne diseases, new efforts are being made to develop natural mosquito repellents that can grow easily in affected regions. Some plant-based repellents can be initially as effective as DEET, but most evaporate too quickly and leave the user unprotected. One plant that shows promise is catnip. Researchers have developed a “super-catnip” with enhanced bioactive compounds while making it easier to grow commercially.

Infrared R&D Handbook

This handbook provides a comprehensive guide for using infrared imaging technology in the research and development industry.