3D Machine Vision System: RV-Series

Canon’s Machine Vision RV-Series is made up of a group of systems that are specifically designed to work as the “eyes” of robotic arm systems. The RV1100, RV500, and RV300 utilize cutting-edge image recognition, data-processing, and optical technologies. The series is capable of three-dimensional recognition of randomly assembled production line parts that range from those with complex shapes to those with very few distinguishing features. This series is ideal for use in industrial production applications such as automobile parts manufacturing, car manufacturing, and electronics manufacturing.
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Current State Of UV LED Technology
By Justine Galbraith, Kopp Glass

Over the last decade, the ultraviolet (UV) LED market has grown substantially, due in part to growing adoption of UVA LEDs in UV curing applications. The market is predicted to expand even more as UVB and UVC LEDs improve in response to growing demand from emerging UV disinfection markets. This article discusses the current state of UV LED technology and its market, as well as guidance on choosing the best LED products for each application.

Spotlight On Automation
Automation And Microscopy: Faster Test And Measurement

Nanotechnology uses the concept that constant velocity will get you to a destination faster than constantly stopped traffic. One technique puts this concept into practice through use of a fast nano-focus device based on a piezo-ceramic actuator embedded in a flexure guided lens positioning mechanism.

Helios Laser Power Meter For Industrial Automation

The Helios is a laser power meter designed for the measurement of high-power lasers in industrial processing applications. It measures an array of high-power solid state lasers such as diode, fiber, and YAG lasers with powers ranging from 100 W to 12 kW and energies ranging from 10 J to 10 kJ. 

High-Precision Positioning: MMP Series

Mad City Labs’ MMP series of positioners have a 25 mm range of motion and are available in 1-, 2-, or 3-axis configurations. They feature optical encoders with 50 nm resolution, proprietary intelligent control for stability, nanopositioner compatibility, and high native precision and accuracy.

BP Chemicals Enhances Site Safety With FLIR Infrared

BP Chemicals produces acetic acid and is responsible for a significant portion of the world’s capacity. Every year, the company invests millions of pounds into improving production efficiency, minimizing environmental impact, and protecting its employees. 

Lens Manufacturers: Do You Know The Best Test For Lens Performance?

A high-quality lens begins with a good design, tolerant to small manufacturing errors. The manufacturing process must be tightly controlled, from individual lens elements to final assembly. But, since small errors in manufacturing can result in serious loss of performance, end-of-line testing is necessary.

How Ultra-Thin Glass Fibers Help Doctors Spot Ailments And Save Lives

Finding a balance between highly specialized instruments and patient well-being raises challenges for the manufacturers developing preventative care tools. Endoscopes equipped with lighting and imaging bundles can help doctors and patients catch health problems early.

Do You Know What You Are Really Buying?

Datasheets can be misleading, so how do you know what you are really buying? To help optical designers and engineers view optical datasheets more critically and ask the right questions of lens providers, this article discusses key datasheet parameters.

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Tradeoffs In High-Speed Camera Sensor Design

Jay Stepleton with Vision Research spent a few minutes with us to talk about the tradeoffs involved in speed, resolution, and sensitivity when designing high-speed camera sensors. He also provided a brief history on high-speed imaging and how far its technology has been improved upon over the last decade, and offered some predictions for future developments.

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Optical Components For SWIR Imaging

To achieve the best imaging performance and precision optical quality in the shortwave infrared (SWIR) wavelength, PG&O designs optical components that combine high sensitivity and resolution specifically for SWIR imaging applications. Learn how Precision Glass & Optics’ customized components and thin-film coatings can help overcome the challenges of imaging in the SWIR.

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