Color Filter Glass

HOYA’s color filter glass products are ideal for applications involving medical devices, CCDs, imaging, telecommunications, calibration, electronic instrumentation, night vision, CRT/LCD/FED displays, and machine vision.

Featured Article
The Eyes Of The Instruments: Using Optical Filters To Observe And Measure Earth From A Different Perspective
By Iridian Spectral Technologies

An improved ability to manage or understand the natural or influenced phenomena is critical to ensuring that we maintain a healthy planet capable of sustaining humanity as part of its diverse bio-mass. But understanding these phenomena and how they are changing over time requires measurement.

Spotlight On Optical Coatings And Filters
Precision Optics

Gooch & Housego produces precision optics components and assemblies from a variety of materials for research, industry, and defense markets. Products created for laser cavity and beam conditioning include active and passive components, non-linear crystals, and acousto-optic and electro-optic components.

Optical Components Group

Zygo's Optical Components Group uses innovative and proprietary manufacturing technologies to create high-precision optical components through CNC glass machining and light-weighting, weighting, MRF polishing, and thin film coating.

Coated Laser Optics

LASER COMPONENTS designs and manufactures dielectric coatings for a wide range of laser optics applications. The laser optics provided by LASER COMPONENTS are mostly OEM products that meet the individual customer's specifications; the products include substrates and dielectric coatings. 

Precision Optical Solutions — Custom And Commercial

PG&O provides complete, in-house turnkey optics solutions, including precision optics and commercial components, thin film coatings, complete fabrication services, and an extensive in-house glass inventory. PG&O is also expert at fabrication and assembled optics.  

Abrisa Technologies Total Solutions

Abrisa Technologies offers a large variety of ready-to-install enhancement glass solutions for display, scanner, and sensor applications. These total solutions cover a range of product capabilities, are voice-of-customer driven, tested to standard, and meet regulatory compliance.

Compact C-Mount Lenses

In addition to the visible/near IR 2/3” compact C-mount lens family from Schneider Optics, there are two 5-megapixel lenses for 3.45-micron pixel sizes. There are two 1” format lenses that cover an image circle of 16 mm. And there are a number of 1.3” format lenses that cover an image circle of 22 mm.

Getting The Best Results From NIR Measurements
By Frederick G. Haibach, Bayspec

Near infrared measurements (700 to 2500 nm) usually are made in transmission and reflection, used to probe the molecular structure and composition of materials. NIR is preferred over mid-infrared when measurements need to be made at a distance, or with little or no sample preparation. 

Introduction To Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPMs)
By First Sensor AG

Silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs) are radiation detectors designed with extremely high sensitivity, high efficiency, and very low time jitter. The technology is based on reversed biased p/n diodes, making them capable of direct light detection ranging from near ultraviolet to near infrared. 

FLIR Thermal Cameras Help To Reduce The Invasiveness Of Cochlear Implant Surgery

The surgical placement of cochlear hearing implants behind the human ear requires a highly trained surgeon and can result in facial nerve damage, meningitis, tinnitus, infections, cerebrospinal fluid leakage, and potentially more.

Lens Manufacturers: Do You Know The Best Test For Lens Performance?
By Kevin Urben, Image Science

A high-quality lens begins with a good design, tolerant to small manufacturing errors. The manufacturing process must be tightly controlled, from individual lens elements to final assembly. But, since small errors in manufacturing can result in serious loss of performance, end-of-line testing is necessary.

Featured Multimedia
RA-532H Surface Reflectance Analyzer Video Introduction

The new RA-532H surface reflectance analyzer from Canon USA, Inc. Optoelectronic Components is capable of surface measurements at three different angles (20°, 60°, and 85°). Utilized measurement methods include standard compliant gloss, haze, image clarity (IC), and 1D and 2D BRDF (bidirectional reflectance distribution function) measurements. The analyzer can be used for a variety of evaluation and inspection applications with many types of surfaces such as film, paper, automotive, printed, or painted surfaces.

Bulletin Board
Working In The Basement: Measuring Signals Below The Noise Floor With A Lock-In Amplifier

This article presents the advantages of using lock-in amplifiers for measuring signals below the noise floor, how they work, and available devices from Ophir.

Featured Event
4th International IR WORKshop On Infrared Technologies

Being held for the first time in the U.S., new research will be presented on MWIR: fiber coupled interband cascade lasers, InAsSbBi/GaAsSbBi heterostructures, operating temperature improvements for nBn detectors, laser-based trace gas sensing, and more. All ready for application to new and existing OEM instrumentation.

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