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How To Make A Good Reflected Color Measurement
By Ocean Optics

When measuring reflection from an object, it is important to consider which type of reflection is dominant and whether some or all the reflected light needs to be collected. This article discusses the best practices for making good reflected color measurements that can be used in a wide range of optical imaging applications.

Spotlight On Raman Spectroscopy
Understanding Edge Filters For Raman Spectroscopy

Since the excitation source laser intensity is often six to eight orders of magnitude greater than the Raman scattered signal, edge pass filters are required to block the wavelength of the scattered laser beam while transmitting the wavelength shifted Raman scattered signal.

Raman Spectroscopy Of Pigmented Human Tissue In The Shortwave Infrared

The researchers at Erasmus MC University Medical Center in the Netherlands have developed a method of Raman spectroscopy that will substantially further and accelerate the diagnosis of melanoma. This app note discusses how technology developed by Xenics plays a key factor in this research.

InGaAs Linear Photodiode Arrays: LBD/LSB Series

The LBD/LSB Series from Sensors Unlimited generally is used for monitoring optical performance of S-, C-, and L-band channels in DWDM networks, and for agricultural sorting, biomedical analysis, thermal imaging, and industrial process control.

Technology Advances Lead To CMOS Sensor With Record Resolution

In the past decade, CMOS sensors have emerged as the imaging technology of choice for many applications. Today, they are not only used in almost all cell phones and mobile devices, but are also commonly found in industrial and medical cameras.

Forensic Investigations Using Thermography And Steam

Investigators are continuously searching for an optimal solution for finding concrete blood evidence in less-than-ideal circumstances. This is especially important when working with fabrics carrying diluted blood stains, which could easily be affected by the common practice of adding liquid luminol.

High-Speed Cameras Help Digital Image Correlation Show Its Strength

Digital image correlation (DIC) is an optical measurement technique that allows full-field analysis of a material’s or structure’s deformation, displacement, and strain. This paper discusses how high-speed cameras and various software packages are helping DIC expand into new applications.

Achieving Standardized Measurements With BeamWatch AM

The BeamWatch AM is Ophir-Spiricon’s beam monitoring system designed specifically for use in the additive manufacturing industry to provide noninterfering real-time beam measurement at the location of the working plane. 

Flexible Design Capabilities Through DIY Custom Lens Calibration

This white paper demonstrates the benefits of using the CLC utility alongside Tamarisk camera cores in three common integration scenarios.

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PbSe Infrared Detectors: It's Easier To Make A Detector Noise Limited System Than You Think

The key to making an instrument detector noise limited instead of circuit noise limited is understanding the relationships between signal-to-noise ratio and bias voltage, and between optical frequency chopping and detector noise levels.

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