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Thin-Film Optical Components For Use In Non-Linear Optical Systems
By Alluxa

Bio-imaging and detection techniques that use non-linear optical (NLO) phenomena have led to great advancements, such as super-resolution images, label-free visualization of naturally occurring biomolecules, and greater freedom for working with in-vivo samples. This white paper discusses the importance of choosing thin-film optical components for NLO systems to ensure optimal signal strength, resolution, and image quality.

Spotlight On Optical Design & Testing
The Seductive Siren Call Of The “Megapixel Lens” (And Why You Shouldn’t Listen To It)
By Stuart W. Singer and Jim Sullivan, Schneider Optics, Inc.

In response to the popularity of megapixel cameras and sensors, many lens manufacturers are marketing "megapixel lenses." The problem? There's no such thing.

The Instrument Transfer Function
By Zygo

An Interferometer's ability to quantify mid-spatial frequency content is defined by its sampling density and design aspects of the optical illumination and imaging system. The instrument transfer function (ITF) quantitatively characterizes the response of the instrument as a function of spatial frequency.

SWIR MTF Testing Analyzers

Image Science has developed two MTF analyzers for testing in the 1- to 3-micron region. They can be used as additions to an existing MTF measurement station, or can be delivered as a complete solution. 

Advantages For Using 137/157 Optical Thickness Gauges

The 137/157 Optical Thickness Gauges deliver reliable accuracy and exceptional repeatability for the most demanding thickness testing applications. These gauges are ideal for contact and intraocular lenses, medical balloon catheters, medical tubing, plastic films, laminates, glass, and adhesives.

Optical Components For SWIR Imaging

This application note provides information on the benefits of SWIR imaging in harsh or low-light level conditions and PG&O's capabilities in manufacturing optical components for SWIR imaging.

Advanced-Absorber Microbolometer Superstructure: Patented Sensor Technology Revealed

The most significant development in the production of infrared sensors and their ability to affect improvements to SWaP-C requirements comes from the introduction of uncooled focal plane array (FPA) designs. 

Direct Imaging Of Shale Gas Leaks Using Passive Thermal Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging

Many types of natural gas from shale formations are odorless, colorless, and highly flammable, and leaks/emanations are important considerations for safety and the environment. This application note illustrates the benefits of using an imager at a site where shale gas leaks unexpectedly happened.

Sight Glass Application Note

A sight glass is a visual observation window used to view or monitor liquid levels and flow within a tank, pipeline, or other pressure vessel. This app note discusses the characteristics of sight glasses, as well as how to choose the best substrate based on application requirements.

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Laser Beam Profiling And Infrared Cameras

This white paper addresses the general need for laser beam profile analysis, describes laser beam analysis instruments, and provides an overview of laser applications, in particular for infrared wavelengths.

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