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Working In The Basement: Measuring Signals Below The Noise Floor With A Lock-In Amplifier
By Shimon Elstein, senior physicist, Ophir Photonics

The measurement of optical signals in the femtowatt to nanowatt range can be extremely difficult as signal levels this low are typically lost in detector noise levels and swamped by background light. Photodiode detectors that operate within small bandwidths have a noise floor of only 1 picowatt. This article presents the advantages of using lock-in amplifiers for measuring signals below the noise floor, and how they work.

Optical Components And Coatings Product Focus
Optical Components

LASER COMPONENTS manufactures individual optical components with high requirements in terms of substrate, coating, packaging, and documentation. Custom optics, even in small quantities, are also available for a variety of different applications. This catalog describes a small selection of the optical components available at LASER COMPONENTS.

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Laser Components USA, Inc.
Ultraviolet Transmitting, Visible Absorbing Filters

Hoya offers dark glass (nearly black) filters that are capable of transmitting the ultraviolet region and absorbing the visible region. These filters are ideal for single extraction of ultraviolet rays and are often utilized for selectively transmitting the 253.7 nm and 365 nm wavelengths.

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HOYA Corporation USA Optics Division
The Seductive Siren Call Of The "Megapixel Lens" (And Why You Shouldn't Listen To It)

In response to the popularity of megapixel cameras and sensors, many lens manufacturers are marketing "megapixel lenses." The problem? There's no such thing.

Precision Optics

PG&O’s Precision Optical Fabrication facility specializes in plano optical components. Our many years of industry experience enable us to interact with your engineers in order to produce needed components rapidly — without sacrificing quality or cost-effectiveness.

Ophir Optics SupIR Catalog

Ophir Optics specializes in high-performance and precision optical elements and lenses for defense, security, and commercial applications. Ophir Optics fabricates optical elements including refractive, reflective, and diffractive components, as well as lens assemblies for MWIR and LWIR.

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Precision Optics

Gooch & Housego produces a wide variety of precision optics components and assemblies from a variety of materials for research, industry, and defense markets. Products created for laser cavity and beam conditioning include both active and passive components, nonlinear crystals, and acousto-optic and electro-optic components. Solutions for transmission and imaging applications include custom lenses, housed subassemblies, and integrated modules. G&H also offers custom high-reflectivity mirrors and flats for specialized applications.

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