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Practical Considerations For Near-IR LEDs
By Opto Diode

LEDs, like all diodes, are current-driven devices—the light output is directly proportional to the input current provided. This application note provides practical considerations for current-driven LED devices.

Measuring Double Stars Using A 280 mm Reflector And An EM-CCD
By Jocelyn Sérot, Observatory Clermon-Ferrand

This application note reports the results of the measurements of 296 visual binary stars obtained between October 2014 and July 2015. Equipment used for measurements via speckle interferometry included an 11’ reflector telescope and an EM-CCD camera sensor.

Hexapod For Beamline Instrumentation Combines 6-Degrees Of Freedom With Extreme Accuracy And Repeatability
By Dr. Markus Simon and Tim Naumann, PI miCos GmbH, Eschbach

Within synchrotron-based, sub-micrometer, hard X-ray tomography applications, the sample rotation axis must be aligned with high stability and within five degrees of freedom with respect to its field of view, lens, detector, or the beam itself. This article discusses a tomography application challenge and presents a hexapod-type parallel kinematic machine (PKM) as a solution.

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