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Micromirror TIRF Microscopy: Technique And Applications
By Eric A. Drier, Ph.D., Mad City Labs

Fluorescence microscopy has long been a powerful tool in biological research. A form known as total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy has been used to watch biological processes unfold in real time. By taking advantage of the ability to label individual molecules with different colors of fluorescent tags, TIRF microscopy now affords scientists a view into the complex molecular assemblies that govern cellular processes.

Spotlight On Microscopy
ColdVision Series For Machine Vision And Microscopy Illumination

The ColdVision series from SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging is composed of an extensive array of light sources, fiber optic guides, and accessories designed to work seamlessly with each other for illumination purposes in machine vision and microscopy applications. 

Automation And Microscopy: Faster Test And Measurement

Nanotechnology uses the concept that constant velocity will get you to the destination faster than constantly stopped traffic. One technique puts this concept into practice via a fast nano-focus device based on a piezo-ceramic actuator embedded in a flexure guided lens positioning mechanism.

Digital Encoder Galvano Scanner: GM-1000 Series

The GM-1000 series of digital encoder galvano scanners comprises four different models with variations in beam diameter, scan angles, small step response, and resolution. Each model has a compact physical profile, super low thermal drift, and extreme high resolution, precision, and accuracy.

pco. Pioneer In sCMOS Image Sensor Technology

The pco.edge series of scientific CMOS (sCMOS) cameras allows for structured illumination and localization microscopy, dynamic processes in fluorescence microscopy, high-contrast imaging in 3D metrology, particle image velocimetry, digital pathology, and many other imaging solutions.

145 klps InGaAs Linescan Camera: 2048R

The GL2048R SWIR InGaAs linescan camera’s high resolution, stability, and reliability make it ideal for OCT applications studying blood flow or large tissue volumes at 1.04, 1.32, and 1.55 µm. It features a 2048 x 1 pixel array with a 10 µm pitch and high QE from 0.99 µm to 1.65 µm.


The FASTCAM Mini WX100 high-speed camera delivers 2048 x 2048 pixel resolution at 1,080fps (Mini WX50 750fps), 1920 x 1080 pixel full HD resolution at 2,000fps (Mini WX50 1,500fps) and frame rates up to 80,000fps (Mini WX50 67,500fps) at reduced image resolution. 

Shortwave Infrared Cameras In Semiconductor Inspection Applications

This white paper discusses several applications of SWIR (short-wave infrared) cameras within semiconductor inspection applications, especially those that rely on the capability of SWIR cameras to see through semiconductor materials, such as silicon.

Considering High-Dynamic Range Global Shutter CMOS Sensors

CMOS image sensors with a global shutter (GS) — used to avoid image degradation caused by rolling shutter (RS) distortion — are ideal for applications including factory automation, UAVs, and automobile advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).

Understanding LIDT Laser Optics For High-Power Lasers

To analyze the specific damage characteristics of high-power laser optics, it is important to understand the laser induced damage threshold (LIDT), an analytical threshold determination method that can reveal damage diagnostics, and its testing provides a lower-cost option for coating development. 

Glossary Of Terms For Detectors

This white paper comprises a list of terms and definitions related to detectors.

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Image Resolution Comparisons

In thermal imaging, it is difficult to overcome the challenges of fewer pixels and lower resolution. As a solution, Sierra-Olympic offers arrays with 320 x 240 resolution and up.

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