No, Not That One: Imaging Systems And The 'Other' Fiber Optics

Well-known as an enabling technology of telecommunications, fiber optics is also playing a pivotal role in imaging. This article takes a closer look at the “other” fiber optics, illuminating the special qualities that make it the best solution for some of imaging’s most challenging problems and environments.

How Ultra-Thin Glass Fibers Help Doctors Spot Ailments And Save Lives

Finding a balance between highly specialized instruments and patient well-being raises challenges for the manufacturers developing preventative care tools. Endoscopes equipped with lighting and imaging bundles can help doctors and patients catch health problems early.

Seeing The Light: Sizing Up Universal Light Guides For Medical Instruments

The Universal Light Guide is a workhorse of medical diagnostics that enables the high performance of high-end medical equipment such as endoscopes, the instruments of discovery that enable physicians to see, detect, diagnose, and operate on parts of the body that are usually shielded from light.

Introducing Fiber And Diffuser Technologies For Laser Beam Delivery

Here Jürgen Hammerschmidt introduces an array of fiber and diffuser technologies for laser beam delivery, especially for medical device applications. Watch the video for more information about these side emitting diffusers, end emitting diffusers, radial diffusers, and emitting fiber rods.

Stabilized LED Light Sources For In Vitro Diagnostics

Ralf Daferner introduces a stabilized LED light source for in vitro diagnostic systems. This extremely flexible light source provides no interruptions or downtimes, and offers very stable output over its lifetime.