Intro To Laser Management: Laser Profiling 101

Traditionally, laser operators only verify a laser’s average power or energy to improve efficiency and, if everything is in order, put their laser back into service. This article discusses steps required to identify and use a camera profiling system (arrayed camera, attenuator, and beam dump) for laser management.

How To Choose The Right Laser Beam Profiler

Christian Dini discusses the selection criteria for choosing the right laser beam profiler. Watch the video to learn more about what to consider when selecting a beam profiling system for your application.

High Power Lasers In Medical Applications

The full list of medical procedures involving lasers is growing every day and, when discussing the development and production of medical devices, the importance of high power industrial lasers cannot be overlooked. 

LIDAR Guns, Accuracy, And Speeding Tickets

A light detection and ranging (LIDAR) system uses a 130 μW 904 nm beam produced by three light emitting diodes (LEDs), and a telescope working together in order to calculate how long it takes for the beam to leave the device and return to the telescope. 

Working In The Basement: Measuring Signals Below The Noise Floor With A Lock-In Amplifier

Using lock-in amplifiers for measuring signals below the noise floor can facilitate significant improvements in noise rejection. Lock-in amplifiers can improve noise rejection by three orders of magnitude or more. Furthermore, they can provide background signal rejection that is several orders of magnitude higher than the noise rejection.