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The Evolution Of Ultrafast, Ultra-Precise Beam Steering Techniques For Micro-Material Processing
By Arron Campi, Gooch & Housego

When designing micromaterial processing equipment, manufacturers need to consider a complex interplay of factors, such as accurate positioning of lasers for cutting, drilling, scribing, or marking at the highest rate possible. In many integrated circuits, the required beam accuracies can be staggering. 

Precision Explosives Analysis Using High-Speed Imaging
By Vilem Petr, Colorado School of Mines, and Philip Taylor and Gene Nepomuceno, Vision Research

High-speed imaging can be used to quantitatively capture explosions, the resulting damage, and to measure other important parameters of the explosion. The data collected can aid in the understanding and characterization of a detonation.

Understanding Latency In Real-Time Imaging Systems
By Pleora Technologies

Latency performance data helps imaging system designers determine how quickly a system can process, analyze, and, in some applications, display images. This paper discusses the constituent elements of latency and delivers latency test results for image transfer over a GigE Vision link.

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