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Building A Do-It-Yourself Atomic Force Microscope
By James F. MacKay, Mad City Labs

Atomic force microscopes (AFMs) are versatile tools for characterizing surfaces down to the subnanometer scale. Researchers can build their own AFMs for as little as $30,000 using off-the-shelf components such as nanopositioning stages.

Spotlight On Photon Counting
How Quantum Cryptography Works

With ever-increasing importance in data exchange and data security, cryptography, or the encoding of a message, becomes essential. A key must also be exchanged in order for the message to be decrypted. In order to protect the key exchange from being intercepted, quantum cryptography must be utilized.

High-Speed Science-Grade MWIR Camera: FLIR X8500sc

FLIR offers the X8500sc as its new high-sensitivity, high-speed MWIR camera for science and R&D applications. With 1280 x 1024 resolution, fast frame rates, and RAM/SSD recording, this camera allows for full imaging of the scene and stop motion on high-speed events both in the lab or on the test range.

Theory And Measurement Of The Modulation Transfer Function (MTF)

MTF is a quantitative and objective measure of the quality of an image formed by a lens or and electro-optical system. This measurement is appropriate for lenses of all qualities and can be calculated from lens design data, which enables theoretical and actual performances to be compared. 

Revealing Cotton’s Fiber Quality With Hyperspectral Imaging

Traditionally, hyperspectral imaging systems or cameras have been bulky, heavy, and costly. However, recent technological advances are changing that and opening the door to new opportunities in hyperspectral imaging.

Fast Wavelength Meter Precisely Maps Laser's Tuning Behavior

The 828B high-speed optical wavelength meter from Bristol Instruments is designed to provide accurate wavelength information at an unprecedented rate of 1 kHz. It revolutionizes WDM wavelength testing applications by reducing test times from hours to minutes.

PIN Diode With Guard Ring Application Note

This application note provides a list of tips for operating a PIN diode with a guard ring in an array of applications, as well as an overview of each PIN diode series and their responsivity and quantum efficiency.

Advanced Camera Manufacturing And Lens Alignment Enabled By Compact 6-Axis Micro-Robotic Hexapod Systems

Hexapod micro-motion robot technologies provide all six degrees of freedom in a stiff, compact, and high-precision structure. This app note discusses how the functionality enabled by a compact 6-axis micro-robotic hexapod system provides precise manufacturing and lens alignment in advanced cameras.

Featured Multimedia
Introducing Fiber And Diffuser Technologies For Laser Beam Delivery

At Photonics West 2018, Jürgen Hammerschmidt of SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging introduced an array of fiber and diffuser technologies for laser beam delivery, especially for medical device applications. Watch the video for more information about their side emitting diffusers, end emitting diffusers, radial diffusers, and emitting fiber rods.

Bulletin Board
Optical Glass And Lens Pressings

HOYA has been a supplier of optical glass in the photonics arena for over 70 years now. In addition to the technical innovation they’ve provided with their optical glass and lens pressings, HOYA has also committed themselves to environmental preservation by removing lead, arsenics, and other harmful chemicals from their optical glass and lens pressing process.

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