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Noise In Spectrometers: Part 1
By Dieter Bingemann, Ocean Optics

Spectrometer noise is caused by mechanical vibrations or environmental electrical fields, for example, from AC power lines. This application note is the first in a two-part series discussing the noise within spectroscopy systems used for ordinary applications.

SPIE DCS Product Focus
High-Speed Imaging System

Photron’s FASTCAM SA-Z is an ultra-high-speed imaging system ideal for applications involving ballistics, materials science, fluidics, plasma and arc studies, shockwaves, and detonics. It offers an unprecedented 21,000 fps at megapixel resolution and over 2,000,000 fps at reduced resolution.

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Photron, Inc.
SPIE DCS Booth 201
Radiometric Detection And Imaging: Tamarisk320 Precision Series

The Tamarisk320 Precision Series of micro thermal imagers for radiometric detection and imaging offer 320 x 240 pixel resolution and are ideal for applications involving test and measurement, fire detection, equipment monitoring, perimeter security, gas leak detection, process monitoring and automation, building inspections, and medical diagnostics/screening.

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DRS Technologies
SPIE DCS Booth 609
Spotlight On SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing 2017

SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing (DCS) 2017, taking place April 9 to 13, in Anaheim, CA, is the leading global technical conferences, courses, and exhibition on sensing, imaging, and photonics technologies for defense, security, health care, and the environment. Hear the latest technical advancements in sensors, infrared technology, laser systems, spectral imaging, radar, LIDAR, and more. See 380 top companies who provide everything from components to the most advanced sensor systems. Plus attend free industry sessions on LiDAR, IR, thermal imaging, and more.

Hexapod For Drone Testing: 6 Axis Motion Simulator To Improve Image Stabilization

Analog and digital image recording technology has always been bombarded by motion and vibration. Techniques for compensating for unwanted motion include electronic algorithms and active opto-mechanical motion compensation systems. 

PI (Physik Instrumente) LP | SPIE DCS Booth 308
History And Development Of EMCCD Technology – What Is Gen III?

This application note provides a comparison between the first, second, and third generations of Electron Multiplying CCD (EMCCD) sensor technology, and an overview of the Falcon III that uses the newest generation of EMCCD.

Raptor Photonics Limited | SPIE DCS Booth 136
Infrared R&D Handbook

This handbook provides a comprehensive guide for using infrared imaging technology in the research and development industry.

FLIR Systems, Inc | SPIE DCS Booth 620
Manual Positioners Guide

This guide looks at OptoSigma’s manual positioners and other staging options for a range of applications and their environments, as well as information about different types of mounting methods used for the stages, definitions of specifications, and terminology for these positioners.

OptoSigma Corporation | SPIE DCS Booth 258
The Meaning And Measure Of Vertical Resolution In Surface Metrology

Understanding performance specifications is the first step in selecting an instrument or technology for areal surface topography measurements. One of the more frequently cited parameters is known as “vertical resolution,” which is defined as the smallest surface height variation that can be detected. 

Zygo Corporation | SPIE DCS Booth 864
Featured Multimedia
Challenges In Operating Pulsed Laser Diodes For LIDAR Applications

Jeff Briton and Dragan Grubsic spoke to us about some of the challenges involved in operating pulsed laser diodes and avalanche photodiodes in LIDAR for the automotive and sensor markets.

Laser Components USA, Inc. | SPIE DCS Booth 437
High-Speed Infrared Imaging Of A Dual-fuel Engine

This is high-speed infrared video footage from Telops of the four engine cycles of a duel-fuel engine.

Products To See At SPIE DCS 2017
Multi-Zone Filters
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Iridian Spectral Technologies
Booth 639
Defense And Security
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SCHOTT North America, Inc. - Lighting and Imaging
Booth 839
CMOS Sensor Family
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Canon USA Future Product and Solutions
Booth 873

Aerospace And Defense
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Gooch & Housego PLC
Booth 237
Compact sCMOS Camera
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Booth 657
Precision Optics For Military Imaging
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PG & O Precision Glass & Optics
Booth 246

World's First True HD Thermal Camera
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Sierra-Olympic Technologies, Inc.
Booth 740
Non-ITAR, Low-Cost Micro 320CSX SWIR Camera
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Sensors Unlimited - UTC Aerospace Systems
Booth 501
High Performance, Compact InGaAs SWIR Cameras
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Booth 426
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