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Volcanic Eruption Observations From An Elevated Point Of Stromboli Using Thermal Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging

Scientific research on different indicators of imminent volcanic eruptions is carried out on an ongoing basis, especially with volcanoes that are located close to urban areas. Remote sensing technologies are the preferred method of investigation due to the hazardous and sometimes unpredictable behavior of these volcanoes. This application note highlights the benefits of using standoff infrared hyperspectral imaging for characterizing volcanic process.

Spotlight On Hyperspectral Imaging
OCI Hyperspectral Imagers

BaySpec’s family of OCI hyperspectral imagers are designed to address the image quality and ease-of-use issues in legacy hyperspectral imaging systems. These cameras feature the smallest sizes and lightest weights of their class.

High-Performance, Compact InGaAs SWIR Cameras

The new Bobcat 320-Series from Xenics is made up of three high-performance, compact SWIR cameras. All three versions are equipped with the same sensor. This in-house developed InGaAs detector is sensitive from 0.9 to 1.7 µm, has a resolution of 320 x 256 pixels, and a 20 µm pixel pitch.

14-bit UV CCD Camera System

The pco.ultraviolet is a 14-bit CCD camera ideal for UV detection, luminescence spectroscopy, hyperspectral imaging, material testing, wafer inspection, mask inspection, spectroscopy, machine vision, high-resolution microscopy, low light level imaging, and industrial OEM applications.

Assessing Infrared Spectrum Hyperpixel Array Imagers For Measuring Temperature In Additive And Subtractive Manufacturing

This white paper discusses the use of infrared spectrum hyperpixel array imagers in additive and subtractive manufacturing temperature measurement, the issues that are involved, and the results of multiple analyses on the method.

VIS-SWIR Camera For High-Sensitivity Imaging

The Ninox 640 is a digital VIS-SWIR camera that utilizes a 640 x 512 InGaAs sensor for thermography, astronomy, hyperspectral imaging, telecommunications, solar cell inspection, semiconductor inspection, and microscopy applications.

Remote Detection And Localization Of Gas Leaks With Autonomous Mobile Inspection Robots In Technical Facilities

The process of detecting gas leaks within industrial facilities can be susceptible to human error and interpretation, as well as dangerous and time-consuming. The RoboGasInspector is a robot system created to provide a safer, more efficient, and more reliable gas detection solution.

The HOYA Corporation

The HOYA Corporation is a supplier of advanced optical materials and components for scientific, technology, and industrial companies. HOYA offers a range of products, including color filter glass, polished or blank optics, glass polarizer, films, wafers, and aspherical lenses.

Optics And Optical Coatings: Handling, Selection, Safety

This selection guide comprises information on selecting optics and optical coatings, how to handle them safely, their use in laser safety applications, and an explanation of the basic terms associated with optics and optical coatings.

Interference Microscopy For Surface Structure Analysis

Interference microscopy encompasses a wide range of techniques when it comes to measuring the many aspects of surface structures. This article discusses the principles of interferometric dimensional metrology applied to surface features best viewed in a microscope.

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Considerations For Specialized Fiber Optics In Rugged Environments

Frank Weiss with Gooch & Housego offered practical advice on considerations one should take into account when specifying fiber optics for deployment in rugged environments, including life cycle requirements, the pitfalls of underspecifying, and the potential headaches that can be involved in not paying close attention to export control parameters. Watch the video to learn what you should know about fiber optics in industrial, military, underwater, and other challenging environments.

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Mad City Labs Custom Solutions And OEM Partnerships

Mad City Labs offers a broad range of custom solutions able to meet specialized requirements ranging from simple modifications of existing designs to completely custom projects. Customers can move easily from project concept to reality with in-house research scientists’ extensive knowledge of UHV instrumentation, optical spectroscopy, and nanotechnology. Mad City labs also develops custom firmware and dll’s to speed up final product development by incorporating special motion profiles into an OEM nano-drive controller.

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