New 871 Series Laser Wavelength Meter

The newest model of the popular 871 Laser Wavelength Meter from Bristol Instruments measures laser wavelength at a sustained rate of 1 kHz, the fastest available. Now it also measures wavelength to an accuracy as high as ± 0.0001 nm. The system is automatically calibrated with a built-in wavelength standard to ensure accurate performance is maintained over time. This provides the reliable accuracy needed for the most meaningful experimental results.

Featured Article
Noise In Spectrometers: Part 2
By Dieter Bingemann, Ocean Optics

Noise is an undesirable signal that is completely lacking in information or structure, and potentially takes away from the desired signal’s quality and accuracy. This article, the second in a two-part series, takes the information gleaned in part one and uses it to measure low concentrations of sports drinks in a pool, develop a calibration curve,  and determine the limit of detection for the spectrometer.

Spotlight On Test And Measurement
Lens Manufacturers: Do You Know The Best Test For Lens Performance?

A high-quality lens begins with a good design, tolerant to small manufacturing errors. The manufacturing process must be tightly controlled, from individual lens elements to final assembly. But, since small errors in manufacturing can result in serious loss of performance, end-of-line testing is necessary.

Portable Optical Profiler: Nomad

The Nomad profiler from Zygo Corporation is a small, lightweight portable optical profiler ideal for situations where the measurement of an object’s surface is too large for the measurement stage of a conventional workstation profiler. 

M2 Laser Beam Propagation System For Continuous Use Applications

BeamSquared is a high-accuracy M2 laser beam propagation system that measures beam quality to optimize performance in continuous use applications, from scientific research to rapid prototyping to fabrication and machining. 

Laser Gated Imaging

Laser gated imaging is a technique for night vision that detects and recognizes targets at long range without the need for any natural light sources. This article highlights the general principles of laser gated imaging, as well as the advantages of imaging in different spectral bands in visible and infrared light.

The Third Infrared Window

Long-wave infrared (LWIR) and mid-wave infrared (MWIR) sensors and cameras have been used in military settings for detecting human activity through thermal emissions. Using the short-wave infrared (SWIR) portion of the spectrum extends unique capabilities that often compliment LWIR and MWIR imaging.

Comparing Fields Of View

There can be many factors to deal with when looking to utilize the best field of view (FOV). This white paper covers the different types of FOV, the factors that must be considered for choosing a lens for FOV, and what lens focus does to FOV.

Can Your Laser Micro Drilling System Do All This?

The recent introduction of a 5-axis laser micro drill system expands the limits of micrometer range drilling. Canon’s unique technology creates flexible hole shapes and wider angles at significantly higher processing speeds. Stent production, injector hole drilling, and micromachining will benefit.

Featured Multimedia
Imaging Plasma Channels In Electron Beam Welding

During electron beam welding, the high energy concentration causes the material to melt, which forms plasma. The escaping plasma creates a channel as it “drills” into the depth of the workpiece and forms the welded seam as it cools. The sequence shown in this video has been attained using 9,000 fps with the exposure matched to the actual welding process.

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Sensors, Metrology, And Control Applications

SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging has the capabilities and knowledge available to assist customers in finding the perfect fiber optic solution for sensor, metrology, and control applications. SCHOTT specialists will work with customers to jointly draw up an action plan addressing each stage leading to series production.

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