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Optical Interconnects For Data Centers — Lighting The Cloud
By Iridian Spectral Technologies

The demand for storage and data transfer capacity has increased dramatically as data storage and computing resources have moved into the cloud over the last decade. The need to constantly access and transfer data to and from, as well as within, data centers has placed a huge load on the interconnects connecting the backplanes of data servers. This, in turn, is expanding the role and capability of optical interconnects and drives with in the cloud.

Testing High-Volume LED Luminaire Builds

The lower operating costs of LED luminaires drive growing demand for them in consumer and commercial markets. This increased demand requires an adaptation to improved quality testing methods that can provide superior measurements and not slow down the process of production. 

Advances In CMOS Image Sensors And Associated Processing: Part 2

Part 2 of the series describing advancements in CMOS sensors and processing focuses on a new Super 35 mm CMOS image sensor that is specifically developed to support origination of High Dynamic Range (HDR) motion imagery. 

High-Accuracy Laser Wavelength Meter

This brochure contains information on features, specifications, areas of application, and more for Bristol Instruments' 671 Series High Accuracy Laser Wavelength Meter.

Avalanche Photodiodes For LIDAR Applications

Avalanche Photodiodes (APD)  are ideal for laser-based distance measurement, laser scanning and mapping, shape recognition and remote sensing, as well as LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging). APDs also excel in applications with very low optical signal strength or with high modulation frequencies.

FLIR Thermal Cameras Help To Reduce The Invasiveness Of Cochlear Implant Surgery

The surgical placement of Cochlear hearing implants behind the human ear requires a highly trained surgeon, and can result in facial nerve damage, meningitis, tinnitus, infections, cerebrospinal fluid leakage, and potentially more.

  Lasers For Manufacturing Event (LME) 2018

LME 2018 exhibit includes a variety of complimentary educational opportunities and networking events designed for individuals interested in implementing laser technology in their manufacturing processes. The event will feature about 60 exhibitors, including IPG Photonics, TRUMPF, Laser Mechanisms, Alabama Lasers, Laserline, LPW Technology, and more. Get your tickets today! Use discount code Photonics50 for free access to the exhibit.

Featured Multimedia
Product Video: Vayu LWIR HD Camera

Chris Johnston with Sierra-Olympic introduced us to the Vayu HD camera – the only 2 megapixel longwave uncooled camera on the market. Watch the video to learn more about the camera, as well as a new partnership with DRS Technologies, and a new zoom lens.

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World’s Fastest 4Mpx Camera: Phantom v2640

Vision Research offers the new Phantom v2640 as the world’s fastest 4Mpx camera, with exceptional throughput of 26 Gpx/sec, and 6,600 fps at full resolution of 2048 x 1952. The camera features high flexibility, high sensitivity with ISO monochrome of 16,000D and color at 3,200D, and can reach a 142 ns minimum exposure with the FAST option. With excellent image quality, a dynamic range of 64.1 dB, and noise of only 7.2e-, this camera is perfect for a variety of applications, including data acquisition, motion analysis, and more.

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