Special Edition: Industrial Imaging And Sensing
  Find Hot Spots — Hands-Free!

When your complex electronic system isn’t working, you need a high-tech tool to troubleshoot it fast. The FLIR ETS320 is the all-in-one thermal imaging and table-stand solution for finding hot spots and failure points fast and hands-free. Learn more on how to make benchtop work easier!

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Short-Wave Infrared Cameras In Semiconductor Inspection Applications
By Raf Vandersmissen, Xenics

The semiconductor industry has grown to cover a wide variety of applications such as those with memory integrated circuits for PCs or mobile devices, solar cells, and many more electronic devices. Within the semiconductor industry, SWIR cameras can be used for inspecting the quality of pure semiconductor material after ingot growth, the alignment of a saw blade or laser, failure analysis, and other semiconductor inspection applications. This white paper discusses several applications of SWIR (short-wave infrared) cameras within semiconductor inspection applications, especially those that rely on the capability of SWIR cameras to see through semiconductor materials, such as silicon.

Industrial Imaging And Sensing Product Focus
Image Guides For Flexible Imaging Applications

SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging offers a series of Image Guides for medical devices that include customization options for higher resolutions, end surface coatings, and many other options depending on the needs of each application. The latest developments for these image bundles include 6 μm higher resolution images, a larger active visibility area, and a superior image quality with zero optical inclusions in the center zone.

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SCHOTT North America, Inc. - Lighting and Imaging
Industrial Filters

This page includes information on Schneider Optics’ line of UV-Cut, IR-Cut, and color filters for use in industrial applications involving research, engineering, and production.  These filters feature improved optical quality, are provided with detailed technical parameters, and have passed a strict quality assurance process.

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Schneider Optics
Practical Considerations For Near-IR LEDs

This application note provides practical considerations for current driven LED devices.

Industrial Brochure

First Sensor’s industrial capabilities offer a wide variety of high-quality sensor solutions that are easily adaptable to specific requirements and applications. In the many parameters of industrial applications, sensors will often form the core element in products and solutions. 

Reducing Expenditure, Optimizing Workflow, And Keeping Downtimes Low With High-Speed Rugged Cameras

PCO has launched a new high-speed series of pco.dimax cs cameras, adding three new models to its portfolio. These new models are compact, ruggedized, and targeted for on- and off-board crash test applications.

Explosives Engineering: High Speed Imagery For Research And Experimentation

Using high-speed imaging is the best way to understand how to apply explosives to accomplish objectives with the best results in industries ranging from construction to mining or defense. Vision Research is in collaboration with the Colorado School of Mines in order to develop a university-level short course on the use and benefits of high-speed imaging, while experimenting with explosives and ballistic applications.

Featured Multimedia
Why Use SWIR?

Doug Malchow took us through a presentation on when and why you should use SWIR (short-wave infrared) technology for imaging applications.

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PbSe Infrared Detectors: It’s Easier To Make A Detector Noise Limited System Than You Think

It is possible to achieve optimal PbSe IR detector operation by choosing the ideal bias voltage, optical chopping frequency, or a combination of the two. This is possible through these specific values being instrument and application dependent. The key to making an instrument detector noise limited instead of circuit noise limited is understanding the relationships between signal-to-noise ratio and bias voltage, and between optical frequency chopping and detector noise levels.

Industrial Imaging And Sensing Products And Services
Real-Time Methane Detection And Imaging: Hyper-Cam Methane
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Rugged Thermal Camera For Outdoor Perimeter Surveillance And Robotics
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Sierra-Olympic Technologies, Inc.
Visible Analog SWIR Camera
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Raptor Photonics Limited

High-Speed Rugged Camera
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Photron, Inc.
Compact Thermal Cameras
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Leonardo DRS
3D Machine Vision System
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Canon USA, Inc. Optoelectronic Components

CMOS Sensor Family
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Canon USA Future Product and Solutions
Abrisa Technologies Total Solutions
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Abrisa Technologies
Aerial Hyperspectral Imaging Camera
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BaySpec Inc.
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