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Understanding Latency In Real-Time Imaging Systems
By Pleora Technologies

Latency performance data helps imaging system designers determine how quickly a system can process, analyze, and, in some applications, display images. This paper discusses the constituent elements of latency and delivers latency test results for image transfer over a GigE Vision link.

The Instrument Transfer Function
By Zygo

The instrument transfer function (ITF) quantitatively characterizes the response of the instrument as a function of spatial frequency. Note: An incomplete version of this article was featured in the Aug. 28, 2017, edition of the Photonics Online newsletter. This is a revised version of that article. 

Spotlight On Spectrometers
OEM Spectroscopy Components And Devices

BaySpec is capable of manufacturing and designing a vast array of gratings, OEM spectrometers, and imaging spectrographs for a range of desired specifications. Other components and devices available from BaySpec include light sources, detectors, cameras, and other high-performance customized solutions.

Understanding Edge Filters For Raman Spectroscopy

Since the excitation source laser intensity is often six to eight orders of magnitude greater than the Raman scattered signal, edge pass filters are required to block the wavelength of the scattered laser beam while transmitting the wavelength shifted Raman scattered signal.

Focus On SciX 2017
  SciX 2017 | October 8 to 13, 2017 | Reno, NV

SciX is the national meeting of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy (SAS) and North American Society for Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (NASLIBS). Scientific presentations span the breadth of analytical chemistry with plenary talks, award talks and symposia, and topical poster sessions. Ultimately, the realization of the research discussed during SciX symposia is exhibited at SciX in the form of modern innovative instrumentation, software, and supplies at the instrument exhibit.

Devices Automatically In The Best Light

Manual instruments in production are gradually being replaced by automated optical measurement systems, where optimal illumination determines the test quality. A device that illustrates this transition is the ZEISS O-SELECT with an LED ring light from SCHOTT. 

Advances In CMOS Image Sensors And Associated Processing: Part 1

New Canon technology has exploited a large 35 mm full-frame CMOS image sensor with spatial sampling of 1920 (H) x 1080 (V) to acquire a distinctively large photosite of 19 um x 19 um, which enabled development of an HD camera with unprecedented sensitivity.

Technical Note: Guide To Glass

Abrisa Technologies’ "Guide to Glass" provides information about the types of glass and their associated thermal, optical, chemical, mechanical, and electrical properties; understanding light and color; glare reduction; and glass strengthening methods using heat and chemicals.

3D Machine Vision: One Small Step For Robots, A Giant Leap For Factory Automation

3D machine vision systems “see,” analyze, and make decisions to meet production requirements of high accuracy, speed, and low maintenance while also being durable enough to withstand factory conditions.

  SPIE Optifab 2017

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Benefits Of SLS (Strained Layer Superlattice) Technology

FLIR’s scientific segment engineer James Ramsey gives a rundown on the benefits of SLS technology.

Bulletin Board
4th International IR WORKshop On Infrared Technologies

Being held for the first time in the U.S., new research will be presented on MWIR: fiber coupled interband cascade lasers, InAsSbBi/GaAsSbBi heterostructures, operating temperature improvements for nBn detectors, laser-based trace gas sensing, and more. All ready for application to new and existing OEM instrumentation.

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