Newsletter | January 26, 2005

1.26.05 -- New Methods Of Gene Delivery Using Lasers
Featured Article
  New Methods Of Gene Delivery Using Lasers
Leading laser scientists at the University of St Andrews have developed a new method of delivering genes to cells using laser light. The new technique, which is cheap and powerful, could have important implications for future studies in biomedicine and healthcare. Optical technology has huge potential for novel developments in the bio-medical field and St Andrews has outstanding research groups in this area. The new method -which involves a miniature violet laser -is cheap, simple, powerful and versatile. Its adaptability means it could have potentially wide medical applications including gene therapy...

Headlines From Photonics West 2005
Bookham New Focus Wins Photonics Circle Of Excellence Award
Optiwave Unveils OptiSystem 4.0 At Photonics West 2005
The SAES Getters Group Announces New Optical-Grade Congruent Lithium Tantalate
Corning Enhances Gradient Index Lens Product Offering
Lumics Introduces TO220 Pump Laser For Fiber Laser
Headwall Photonics Launches Raman Explorer Spectrometer
Top News Stories
Sensors Unlimited's High-Sensitivity Near-IR Area Cameras Now Shipping
StockerYale's COBRA™ 500 LED Line Illuminator Awarded 2004 Photonics Circle Of Excellence Award
Olympus Offers Lead-Free Aspherical Lens Products With Low Chromatic Dispersion
Opto Sigma's X-Y Stages Integrated Into Precision Analytical Tool
Opto Diode's On-Shore Wafer Fabrication Plant In Full Production
Featured Products
Metal Coatings
ZC&R's metal coatings are often used in systems where a very broadband reflector or beamsplitter is needed. Downloadable product datasheet available...

JADE Uncooled Cameras
CEDIP's JADE UC is a low cost infrared camera which uses a highly sensitive microbolometer focal plane array of 320 x 240 pixels. JADE UC camera finds its application in process control, automation and local area surveillance. Downloadable product brochure available...

PIN Diodes
Advanced Photonix' silicon photodiodes are solid-state devices that convert light into electric current. They consist of a shallow diffused p-n junction, normally a p-on-n configuration. Downloadable product brochure, selection guide, and specification sheets are available...

The Photron FASTCAM-PCI ushers in the next generation of high-speed video camera systems, offering superior image quality. Recording rates range from 250 full frames per second with 512 x 480 pixel resolution up to 10,000 partial frames per second. Downloadable product datasheet available...

High Speed InGaAs PIN Photodiodes And APD's
All Avalanche Photodiodes and P-I-N receivers are available as stand-alone submounts, custom geometries and packages. The Sensors Unlimited SU-02ATR is a receiver module that integrates a high performance InGaAs avalanche photodiode with a 2.5 Gb/s transimpedance amplifier for use in OC-48/STM-16, CWDM, Gigabit Ethernet, and Fibre Channel applications...

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Featured Download
Spec Sheet: NINOX Thermal Imaging Lenses
With an eye to the future, Janos has created a line of multispectral imaging lenses. Infrared imaging companies have been researching focal planes with multispectral sensitivity that ranges from the mid infrared through the long wave region. By using a lens from the Ninox line, you will have superior imaging over the full multispectral range from 3.0 microns through the LWIR...
Featured Book
Glasses For Photonics
By Masayuki Yamane

This book is an introduction to recent progress in the development and application of glass with special photonics properties. Glass has a number of structural and practical advantages over crystalline materials, including excellent homogeneity, variety of form and size, and the potential for doping with a variety of dopant materials. Glasses with photonic properties have great potential and are expected to play a significant role in the next generation of multimedia systems. This book is available for immediate download.

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