Newsletter | January 12, 2005

1.12.05 -- Nanotechnologists' New Plastic Can See in The Dark
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Featured Article
Nanotechnologists' New Plastic Can See in The Dark

Infrared-sensitive material five times more efficient converter of solar energy
Imagine a home with "smart" walls responsive to the environment in the room, a digital camera sensitive enough to work in the dark, or clothing with the capacity to turn the sun's power into electrical energy. Researchers at University of Toronto have invented an infrared-sensitive material that could shortly turn these possibilities into realities. In a recently published paper by Professor Ted Sargent of Nortel Networks – Canada Research Chair in Emerging Technologies at University of Toronto's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and his team report on their achievement in tailoring matter to harvest the sun's invisible rays...

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Advanced Photonix, Inc.® Announces Acquisition Of Photonic Detectors, Inc.
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Featured Products
Ultima APX
The Photron APX sets new standards for high-speed imaging by offering a completely new and highly light-sensitive mega-pixel CMOS sensor. With over one million enormous 17.5µm pixels, the APX enjoys a receptivity to light that until now only older, lower resolution CCD sensor technologies could achieve. Downloadable product datasheet available...

Optical Components
Janos Technology's optical components manufacturing includes optics for night vision, infrared filters, custom and precision optics, thin film coatings and other coating filters. Janos has full capability in optical design, custom coating facilities, extensive diamond machining facilities and advanced metrology systems...

Long Range JADE / EMERALD Cameras
The Long Range Camera Series for surveillance and tracking applications are based upon its advanced MWIR Focal Plane Array detector. Incorporating sensor and motorized optics in a compact housing the new system is well suited to outdoor measurements such as around flight test centers, airborne surveillance. Downloadable pdf brochure available...

HR4000 High-resolution Spectrometer
The HR4000 Spectrometer is our next-generation high-resolution spectrometer. This novel combination of optics and electronics is ideal for applications such as characterizing lasers, measuring gas absorbance, and determining atomic emission lines...

Photonics Online Welcomes Our Newest Supplier
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Comparison Chart: Indigo ROICs For Infrared Vision And Telecom Systems
This two-page chart compares various readout devices developed by Indigo Systems. Indigo has vast experience building advanced readout integrated circuits for infrared vision and telecom systems. In addition to providing custom design services to our customers, Indigo offers a line of standard readout devices. These often provide a cost-effective alternative to a full-custom design, without sacrificing performance or flexibility...
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