Multispectral Filters and Patterned Filters

Source: Deposition Sciences, Inc. (DSI)

Multispectral Filters and Patterned Filters
Deposition Sciences, Inc. has long had a reputation for producing extremely durable and robust optical coatings, however it is not widely known that DSI has the capability to pattern these coatings through the employment of photolithography technology. Using techniques and equipment similar to those used to produce the world's most sophisticated microprocessors; optical coatings can be deposited and patterned in high resolution to create features of extreme precision from optical coatings renowned for exceptional quality and durability.

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Datasheet: Multispectral Filters and Patterned Filters

Spectral requirements of the filter can affect the size and positional accuracy of the features. More challenging optical filters require more layers to achieve required spectral performance. These layers result in coatings with significant physical thickness. Generally speaking, as the coatings become thicker they are more challenging to pattern.


  • Multispectral Filters
  • Alignment Features
  • Reticles
  • CCD Color Filter Arrays
  • Variable Density Color Filters
  • Gratings

Technical Specifications
When developing a patterned filter, several variables must be considered, including:

  • Spectral Requirements for the Coating(s) being deposited
  • Feature Size of the Pattern
  • Alignment Requirements of the Features
  • Substrate Size
  • Substrate Material
  • Number of Different Filters/Coatings being deposited and patterned

Click Here To Download:
Datasheet: Multispectral Filters and Patterned Filters