Newsletter | January 11, 2021

01.11.21 -- Multi Band Pass Filters In Telecom Applications | Manufacturing Large Mirrors

Industry Insights
Advantages Of Multiple Band Pass Filters In Telecommunications Applications

Multi-band filters help optimize price-performance balance while also conserving space, simplifying design, and improving (or offering equivalent) performance versus single-band filters.

The Seductive Siren Call Of The “Megapixel Lens” (And Why You Shouldn’t Listen To It)

In response to the popularity of megapixel cameras and sensors, many lens manufacturers are marketing "megapixel lenses." The problem? There's no such thing.

Glass-Sealed Connectors Help Increase The Longevity And Reliability Of Medical Devices

Glass-to-metal sealing technology, already used in other harsh-environment applications such as aviation, aerospace, and automotive safety, has emerged as an ideal solution in the development and manufacture of medical connectors. 

The Challenge Of Manufacturing Large Mirrors

Large mirrors are a critical aspect of numerous optical systems and are used in a wide variety of important applications. For the production of high-performance large mirrors, optical manufacturers are tasked with the challenge of meeting a strict set of requirements.

FLIR Cameras Reveal Thermal Characteristics Of Microelectronic Devices

At the University of Texas at Arlington, the team of Dr. Ankur Jain, who heads the Microscale Thermophysics Laboratory, studies a range of topics related to microscale thermal transport.

Custom & OEM Solutions

In addition to an extensive assortment of standard products, OSI Optoelectronics has been developing and manufacturing OEM and custom solutions for leading technologies and industries for a wide variety of demanding applications for over 40 years. 

What To Consider When Selecting A Neutral Density Filter

Neutral density filters are important components in imaging and light measurement applications so it's useful to know how to select the right filters to meet your needs.

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Featured Solutions
Precision Cutting/Scribing On Thin-Flat Glass Substrates

Precision Glass & Optics (PG&O) offers precision glass cutting and scribing on thin flat substrates. Specialized glass cutting and other optical fabrication capabilities are essential in a wide variety of microelectronic applications. In other tasks that require thinner, lighter, and stronger thin-flat glass, such as cover glass, touch screens, electrochromic mirrors, and other information displays, PG&O provides scribing on flat glass surfaces that are also coated with various optical coatings.

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PG&O Precision Glass & Optics
High-Speed, 9 mm² Circular Photodiode For Electron Detection: AXUV63HS1

Opto Diode introduces the AXUV63HS1 as part of their family of AXUV detectors featuring high-performance measurement of electrons, photons, or X-rays. This high-speed photodetector is designed with a circular active area of 9 mm diameter and is ideally suited for electron detection.

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Opto Diode, An ITW Company
FLEXPOINT Machine Vision Lasers: MV Series

LASER COMPONENTS designs and manufactures laser modules to fulfill specific requirements in industrial image processing applications — a range of line lasers with a homogeneous power distribution generally used in metrology, as well as high-power lasers and special housing units.

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Laser Components USA, Inc.
Thermal Imaging Measuring System For Electronics Testing: FLIR ETS320

FLIR offers the new ETS320 affordable, noncontact thermal measurement system designed to collect accurate, reliable data in seconds and analyze it quickly for electronics testing and scientific research. The system pairs a high-sensitivity infrared camera with an integrated stand for hands-free measurements of printed circuit boards and other small electronics.

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FLIR Systems, Inc - Research & Science