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Molex High-Speed High-Density Technologies Showcased At OFC 2017


Molex will spotlight integrated high-speed, high-density connectivity solutions at the Optical Fiber Communications (OFC) Exposition being held March 21-23, 2017 at the Los Angeles (CA) Convention Center. As data and power levels rise, system architects need better and more agile solutions to optimize performance and scalability. Molex Booth #3218 will feature next-generation technologies designed for demanding data communications and networking infrastructure, including:

  • High-Density Optical EMI Shielding Adapters ease space constraints in applications requiring I/O density and EMI containment. Featuring streamlined behind-panel fiber routing and eye protection, these versatile adapters support a variety of connector types including MXC, MTP/MPO, MT, and HBMT.
  • BiPass™ I/O and Backplane Cable Assemblies combine QSFP+®, Impel™ or near-ASIC connectors with thin Twinax cables to provide a low-insertion-loss alternative to PCB traces for high bandwidth speeds, efficiency and thermal management of densely packed circuits in 56 Gbps PAM4, 56 Gbps NRZ, and 112 Gbps PAM4 applications in data communications, telecom and networking infrastructure.

Molex industry experts will present at the following OFC 2017 session and hosted industry meetings and workshops at OFC 2017:

Tom Marrapode, director of advanced interconnect technology development, Molex Optical Solutions Group, will co-present with 3M Senior Staff Scientist Dr. Terry L. Smith at Session 4:00 Update on AIM Photonics hosted by the Optical Society (OSA). Tom will offer an overview and update on IPSR Board-Level Optical Interconnect demonstration project. OSA members and non-members are welcome. Advanced registration and fee required to attend this workshop.

The iNEMI Optoelectronics Technology Integration Group is hosting a one-day session coinciding with OFC 2017. Tom Marrapode will co-present on the status of the Integrated Photonic Systems Roadmap (IPSR) Board-Level Optical Interconnect project and chair an afternoon working session on the Board Level Optical Interconnects Project. Session meetings are free and open to all interested parties. Registration for an OFC Exhibit Pass Plus badge is required.

Tom Marrapode will present an open forum Q&A on the IPSR Board-Level Optical Interconnect Project, Phase I at an OFC show floor session hosted by IPSR and emphasizing critical technology needs to develop a high-volume, low-cost integrated photonics supply chain. Open to all conference attendees.

Tom Palkert, system architect, Molex will present an Introduction at the 100G Serial Electrical Interconnect Needs workshop hosted by the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) and featuring experts on next-generation electrical or optical interconnects, including networking trends and cloud scale applications. The second half of the workshop focuses on electrical link and interconnect technologies to support serial data rates of 100 Gbps and higher. Presenting on copper cables, connectors and PCB traces, Greg Walz, group product manager, Molex will spotlight I/O passive copper cable assemblies with zSFP+ and zQSFP+ off-the-shelf interconnects for data rates up to 100 Gbps. OIF members and non-members are welcome. Advanced registration and fee required to attend this workshop.

As a founder-promoter of the QSFP-DD Multi-Source Agreement, Molex invites conference attendees to preview the new QSFP-DD form factor and other demonstrations in the Ethernet Alliance (EA) Booth #3709 and Cisco Booth #1501.

  • Quad Small Form Factor Pluggable Double Density (QSFP-DD) System specification developed by the QSFP-DD MSA will showcase in the Ethernet Alliance booth 3709. The eight-lane electrical interface operates up to 25 Gbps NRZ modulation or 50 Gbps PAM4—allowing solutions up to 200 Gbps NRZ or 400 Gbps PAM4 aggregate per QSFP-DD port.
  • A demonstration in Cisco booth 1501 will show the thermal cooling performance of QSFP-DD pluggable modules with Molex QSFP-DD Stacked Cages on a 32-port 1RU system, cooling fully populated, 400GE capable, with each QSFP-DD module operating at 12W power level per port.

Additionally, Molex will join other OIF members attending OFC 2017 to demonstrate 56G Common Electrical Interface (CEI) solutions over a range of channel reaches and modulations. Live technology demonstrations featuring Molex solutions at OIF Booth #3853 will include:

  • CEI-56G-LR PAM4 Backplane Compliance Test Demo (OUTPUT)

This 56G PAM4 demonstration pairs the Molex Impel™ PLUS Backplane Connector System and other advanced backplane solutions with SerDes technology to show performance and signal integrity at very high speeds over long-range length copper cables.

  • CEI-56G-MR-NRZ Cable Demo

Demonstrating extremely high, next-generation data rates on current form factors, a 56 Gbps NRZ-encoded data stream shows a level of performance at acceptable BER across a Molex zQSFP+® SMT Connector and copper cable assembly both optimized for 56G NRZ.

  • CEI-56G-MR-PAM4 Cable Demo

A stacked Molex zQSFP+® SMT Connector transmits up to 56 Gbps per-serial-lane data rates with excellent signal integrity, EMI resistance, and thermal cooling via Thru-Flow and Internal Riding Heat Sink (IRHS) technologies.

Please visit the Molex booth at OFC 2017 or to learn more about next-generation high-speed, high-density connectivity solutions.

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