News | January 6, 2016

Miro R-Series Updated

Source: Vision Research, Inc.

Vision Research has updated the popular Miro R-Series camera family. They added two models, the R141 and R341 for applications requiring a 4 megapixel camera. They also added a door to the CineFlash slot making the camera family more attractive for outdoor use. The internal mechanical shutter which allows for automatic and/or remote black referencing is now standard with each camera.

These changes result in an increment to the model numbers. So, the new members of the R-Series are: R111, R311, R120, R320S, R141 & R341. All speed/resolution specifications stay the same as previous models. Or, in the case of the R141 and R341 they are the same as the M140 and M340.

A new family data sheet is available.

The new R-Series retains its rugged design for use in harsh environments. The shock rating is lower on the new version due to the standard internal mechanical shutter. However, there is an option to remove the shutter for high-shock applications. With the shutter the shock rating is 30g. With the shutter removed, it is 100g.

Since the new R-Series is virtually identical to the M-Series, except for its more rugged design, the M-Series will be discontinued in early 2016 with the R-Series as a direct replacement.

The Miro family of product now consists of:

Miro C-Series: A small highly rugged camera that comes in two styles. Primarily targeted at high-shock applications such as automotive crash test, it is also attractive for any application needing a small form-factor camera.

Miro LAB-Series: Targeted at laboratory/office environments, the camera has simplified I/O and industry standard connectivity.

Miro R-Series: Targeted at harsh environments, this rugged camera series has 6 members covering a broad range of performance levels.

Miro LC-Series: The built-in, flip-out touchscreen for camera control and movie viewing makes this camera ideal for mobile applications where it can be used untethered from a computer or AC power.


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