M2 Laser Beam Propagation Analyzer: M2-200s

Source: Ophir Photonics

M2 Laser Beam Propagation Analyzer: M2-200s

M2 measurements determine a laser beam’s waist width and divergence and measures how closely a beam’s mode content correlates to a pure TEM00 (transverse electromagnetic mode) beam – indicating the quality of the laser under test.

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By conducting accurate M2 measurements, you can compare your laser to how a true TEM00 laser would behave in an optical system. However, like most things, not all M2 measuring instruments are created equal. ISO 11146 standards require an M2 measurement system to use a fixed position lens and a moving detector to ensure the best possible accuracy. The M2-200s laser beam propagation analyzer is fully ISO 11146 compliant and can measure your laser’s beam quality in less than two minutes. It’s been specifically designed for continuous usage and works with both pulsed and CW type lasers for most beam diameters and powers.

For information on the system’s features and specifications, download the datasheet. To learn more about M2 measurements and how they can help improve your laser beam’s performance, watch the video.

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