Newsletter | June 2, 2021

06.02.21 -- Lens Condition Analysis | Application Of WDM Channel Skip Filters

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What Is The Minimum Repetition Rate Of A Pulsed Laser When Used With A Power Detector?

A recurring question that we hear at Gentec-EO is about the minimum repetition rate that a pulsed laser should have to be properly measured by one of our power detectors.

Industry Insights
IR Detectors For Thermographic Imaging

Thermographic imaging is accomplished with a camera that converts infrared radiation (IR) into a visual image that depicts temperature variations across an object or scene. This article is part 2 of a handbook by FLIR that discusses the use of IR detectors in thermographic imaging.

Optical Filters — Color Temperature Orange (CTO) And Color Temperature Blue (CTB)

The class of optical filters used to change the correlated color temperature of a light source is called color temperature filters. This article discusses the use of color temperature orange (CTO) and color temperature blue (CTB) filters in particular.

Introduction To Thin Substrate, Dichroic And Polychroic Thin Film Filters Featuring Flatness < 0.1 Waves RMS

These filters are unique because they achieve flatness by eliminating the high stresses of a deposited traditional ion-based coating process such as ion beam sputtering (IBS) and ion assisted deposition (IAD). 

Lens Condition Analysis: Exploring Lens Failures And Their Causes

This white paper gathers customer feedback on cases of lens condition analysis and captures their experience in operating their laser systems.

Find The Ideal Measurement Solution For Your Laser Applications

As more and more fields employ optronics, special tools must be developed to ensure that the lasers and light-emitting devices in these applications are precise and perform within a very small margin of error. Ophir has a wide range of beam analysis tools that are the ideal choice for these optronics applications.

The Application Of WDM Channel Skip Filters

Channel skip filters enable precision band splitting in telecommunications options, offering improved performance over edge pass filters at a cost adaptable to any project budget.

UVC LED Disinfection: How UVC Radiation Makes The Coronavirus Harmless

UVC is high-energy, short-wave radiation with a wavelength range between 100 and 300 nm. It is absorbed by RNA strands of the corona pathogen SARS-Cov-2 and causes their nucleotide sequences to clump together, preventing the cells from reproducing or killing them.

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Featured Solutions
OCI-M Multispectral Camera

BaySpec’s OCI-M is a multispectral imager designed for aerial imaging in precision agriculture, remote sensing, security, material detection, and geological survey. The aerial imager has eight selective bands covering the range from 400 to 1000 nm.

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BaySpec Inc.
5 Axis Micro Drilling Scanhead

The new 5 Axis Micro Drilling Scanhead is designed with high resolution, precision, and accuracy for applications requiring infinitely flexible scan beam pattern delivery. The scanhead features a wide precession angle up to 20° for variable taper and shapes.

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Canon USA, Inc. Optoelectronic Components