News | November 11, 2016

LEGO Car And TEMA Demonstrate Motion Analysis

Source: Vision Research, Inc.

Sometimes the amazing images from our Phantom high-speed cameras are not enough, on occasion users also need to analyze the beautiful images they capture. This is why we partner with motion analysis providers such as IMAGESYSTEMS. IMAGESYSTEMS is the maker of the TEMA software, which analyzes images produced by our cameras. They have created some videos to show how well our Phantom cameras work with their TEMA software, one being of a LEGO car.

A Lego car never looked so high-tech until it was captured by a Phantom high-speed camera and analyzed by Image Systems. Image Systems used our Phantom Miro M310 camera to record the movement of a Lego technic car, and its propeller’s complex movements of translation and rotation. They then used the slow motion footage from our Phantom high-speed camera to show the difference between static and dynamic coordinate systems, using their TEMA software. You can see on the screen how the software tracks the movement of the car as a drawn outline, and also side by side how the propeller moves dynamically and statically. Not only does the software track the propeller and show the actual movement, it also displays the frequency analysis of its rotation graphically. The software also produces separate graphic data for motion analysis, speed analysis, and angle analysis. Along with the data shown graphically, you can also see the analyzed data in the form of a chart. As the Lego car and propeller move, you can watch the data change along with those movements. You can check out their “TEMA Automotive LEGO” video here:

Image Systems Motion Analysis, a business unit of IMAGESYSTEMS, uses its TEMA software to measure and analyze motion. It is analyzed in the form of movement, orientation or the shape of an object as captured by a high-speed camera, such as our Phantom cameras. This TEMA software is used for a broad range of things, from how an athlete can optimize their movements, to crash testing, to LEGO cars. This TEMA software allows its user to import their own image/object sequences, which they are able to track using TEMA’s proprietary tracking algorithms. The results are then given in the form of graphs and tables, which make this software even more user friendly. They produce videos to show how their software works and all of them can be found on either their website,, or their YouTube page, “Image Systems” ( 


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