News | May 24, 2014

Lawrence Luke Joins Abrisa Technologies As A Thin Film Engineer

Source: Abrisa Technologies
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Abrisa Technologies is pleased to announce that Lawrence Luke has joined the company as a Thin Film Applications Engineer at their thin film coatings facility, located in Torrance, California. Lawrence earned his BS in Physics from the University of Massachusetts and has 6+ years experience in precision thin film coatings development and multi-layer thin film stacks for military and industrial applications from infrared to near UV. As a Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Engineer, Lawrence’s experience with new product development in the fields of optical interference filters and semiconductor fabrication technology will be of tremendous value to Abrisa Technologies.

According to Lawrence, “I was highly motivated to join the company, as their Torrance, California optical coatings facility is well regarded in the industry. As a PVD engineer, I wanted to bring my knowledge and experience to the company and its customers to help optimize processes and solutions for today’s increasingly demanding optics applications.”

While at OPHIR Optics, LLC as a Thin Film Process Technician, Lawrence was involved with thin film coating of optical components for military, automotive and R&D products. This experience pairs well with the responsibilities he will have at ZC&R. At Materion Corporation as an Application Engineer, Lawrence was a key player in their microelectronics and services business unit, integrating Materion products in the fabrication of thin films for customer R&D initiatives.

According to Robert Cabrera, Vice President of Engineering & Product Development at Abrisa Technologies, “Lawrence’s skill set and knowledge of the thin film coatings process and optics will help the company serve more complex, higher quality needs where technical and operational performance are equally critical.“

Cabrera further states, “His ability to evaluate new materials for unique requirements, and background in Six Sigma Lean manufacturing will be of significant value, insuring that our optical coating solutions are best in class.”

As a published author of two papers; “Middle Infrared Electroluminescence of n-type Cr doped ZnSe Crystals” and Developing a Fundamental Understanding of Gold Spitting during Evaporation”, Lawrence is making a name for himself in the thin film coating industry which ZC&R will fully support.

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SOURCE: Abrisa Technologies