Laser Reflection Glasses: LaseReflect™ Aviator

Source: Iridian Spectral Technologies

Laser Reflection Glasses: LaseReflectâ„¢ Aviator

In 2016, the FAA estimated a total of 8681 incidents where pilots were subjected to distractions, or in some extreme cases temporary blindness, by commercially available laser pointers. To combat this, Iridian Spectral Technologies developed LaseReflect aviator glasses to protect pilots from visible laser attacks.

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The LaseReflect® line of laser reflection glasses benefits from dielectric thin-film coatings designed specifically for high transmittance and deep, narrow blocking to reflect laser light. They have greater than 99% blocking in both green (532nm) and NIR (1064nm) laser light. Available lens types include polycarbonate with greater than 60% transmittance and glass with greater than 70% transmittance. Download the datasheets for additional information.

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