Datasheet | August 12, 2010

Datasheet: Laser Position Monitor: DPQ-4Track

Source: Gentec-EO USA, Inc.

Track or measure the position of your Pulsed or CW laser beam from UV to Far IR and THz

Our new Model DPQ-4Track was designed to support the use of our Broadband Pyroelectric Quadrant Position Sensors …DPQ-9 and DPQ-20. It features 4 CH, multiplexing, digital electronics that measures the pulse energy or CW power on the four quadrant detector elements, computes the sum and difference in two axis, to provide normalized X and Y position data on a millisecond time scale. It has 5 decades of range from 2 uJ to 20 mJ or 20 µW to 200 mW depending on the probe used. It includes an external trigger input and analog output that can be selected to show a single channel or all four. This is a handy set up and diagnostic tool.