Newsletter | July 19, 2021

07.19.21 -- IR Optics Webinar | Imaging Venus In SWIR

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Ophir Optics Webinar: Infrared Optics For Advanced Applications

Precision optics are used in a wide variety of commercial and defense applications, and their performance is often improved or enhanced by unique optical design. But how do you know what types of optics will work best for your application?

Introduction To Sensor And Scanner Window Solutions

With growing applications in industrial 3-D metrology, machine vision, automotive obstacle avoidance, security, and other digital imaging applications, the demand for optical and image sensors has also grown.

Application Note: Imaging Venus With A Scientific SWIR Camera

German researcher Dr. Sebastian Voltmer has been looking at the inner planet Venus as a ring next to the sun and how the crescent is getting bigger. According to Dr. Voltmer, the cooled Ninox 640 II SWIR camera provided a much better signal-to-noise ratio.

What’s The Big Deal About Patents?

Without innovation and patents, we might still be using candles or oil to light up our homes at night. On January 27, 1880, Thomas Edison received his historic patent that covered the principles of the incandescent lamp. This helped pave the way for the worldwide use of electric light.

“Fingerprint” Vs. Handheld Raman Applications And The Different Optical Filters That Enable Them

When combined with microscopy, Raman spectroscopy can be used as a noninvasive, noncontact solution for exploring specific cellular structures and functions. It is no wonder that Raman has established a presence as an invaluable analytical technique both in labs and in the field.

The Power From The Mirror

High-power lasers can only be as strong as their optical components allow. Thus, the further development of laser technology depends crucially on the development of complex coating systems with a high damage threshold.

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Featured Multimedia
Video: Introducing The RV-Series 3-D Machine Vision System

The Machine Vision RV-Series from Canon is made up of a group of systems that are specifically designed to work as the “eyes” of robotic arm systems. Benefits for using these machine vision systems include one-time measurements of 3-D pose, high-speed recognition, improved productivity, and reduced production costs. This series is ideal for use in industrial production applications such as automobile parts manufacturing, car manufacturing, and electronics manufacturing.

Featured Solutions
High-Power Detector For Laser Power Measurement: HP15KW-TUBE
Gentec-EO introduces the HP15KW-TUBE, a high-power detector for laser power measurement up to 15,000 W. This detector; a high-power, water-cooled meter; is less sensitive to variations in water-cooling temperature than other comparable products in the market.
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Gentec Electro-Optics, Inc.
High-Load Linear Stage: L-812
The recirculating ball bearing guides of the L-812 high-load linear stage from PI are designed for high load capacity and dynamics. The high resolution of the motors allows improved tracking performance, smaller tracking errors, and improved settling times.
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PI (Physik Instrumente) LP
Custom Microscopes And Optical Systems: OpenStand

The OpenStand Custom Microscope and Optical System by Prior Scientific can be optimized in many applications within life sciences, materials, and semiconductors. This cost-efficient system is compatible with a large range of optics, devices, and light sources.

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Prior Scientific Inc.
Polarizer Filter Series
Schneider Optics offers circular polarizer filters as a combination of a linear polarizer and a quarter wave retarder and are used in 3-D, traffic, surveillance, inspection, stress testing, and LCD technology applications. These polarizers fulfill industrial requirements that are recommended if optics as mirrors are within the optical path from the filter to the sensor. They are made of dichroic laminated polarizing polymers cemented between two slides of protective glass.
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Schneider Optics