Newsletter | January 6, 2005

1.06.05 -- Intel Researchers Build Laser On Single Silicon Chip
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Advanced Photonix, Inc. introduces a large area 1064nm enhanced high voltage P-type silicon segmented quadrant detector. This device is designed to provide very high responsivity at 1064nm, ultra low capacitance and fast response times. It is ideal for laser guided munitions and other applications where the YAG laser wavelengths are being used. Click here for more information, including the product datasheet.

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Swift X-ray Telescope Sees Its First Light And Captures First Gamma-Ray-Burst Afterglow
The Swift X-ray Telescope has seen first light, capturing a dazzling image of Cassiopeia A, a well-known supernova remnant in the Milky Way galaxy, and also has discovered its first gamma-ray-burst afterglow. The XRT is one of three instruments aboard the NASA-led Swift satellite, which was launched on 20 November 2004. The XRT was built at Penn State with partners at the Brera Astronomical Observatory in Italy and the University of Leicester in England...

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Intel Researchers Build Laser On Single Silicon Chip
Precision Spectrograph Optics Expands Telescope Capabilities
EXFO's PMD Measurement Method Approved By International Telecommunication Union
Universal Display Corporation Wins Award To Develop Infra-Red Phosphorescent OLEDs
Advanced LPX-Pro Excimer Lasers Offer Increased Performance And Reduced Cost Of Ownership
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Custom Light Detection Solutions
Advanced Photonix is positioned to offer both standard, as well as customized, light detection solutions to worldwide users. From design concept through volume production, the company can provide a total solution to your solid state detector needs...

NYCTEA Thermal Imaging Lenses
This line of thermal imaging lenses from Janos Technology also allows for operation in the near infrared. This lens will allow you to make use of your camera's full potential over the entire spectral range it is able to detect...

AR Coatings
ZC&R's AR coatings are often crucial components in optical systems with multiple lenses or other optics where the maximum possible light energy is needed. AR coatings help to produce brighter images. Downloadable product datasheet available...

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Brochure: ALTAIR LI Workstation
CEDIP's ALTAIR LI is an advanced system which use the JADE infrared focal plane array camera. It is capable of producing non contact stress images of structures and materials under cyclic loading. ALTAIR LI uses the thermoelasticity principle together with an highly sensitive infrared focal plane array camera and state of the art digital processing electronics...
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