Newsletter | August 2, 2019

08.02.19 -- Injection Molding For Medical Device Prototyping

Digital Manufacturing Helps Medtech Firm’s Goal To Improve Patient Outcomes

As often happens in the medical industry, innovative ideas, hatched in university research settings, spawn innovative companies, which create innovative products. HemoSonics used 3D printing, CNC machining, and injection molding to quickly develop blood analysis machine.

Rapid Injection Molding Helps Med Device Company Bring Vision To Blind

Helping the blind to "see" through the use of the tongue may be an outlandish idea, but it is now a real science, thanks to the BrainPort V 100. This article discusses the new device, which is designed to enable users to process visual images with tongue stimulation.

Considerations When Designing Injection-Molded Parts With Rapid Overmolding

Overmolding is a great way to enhance a product’s physical attributes or its appearance. Rapid overmolding sidesteps assembly hassles, simplifies product design, and can improve the characteristics of many injection-molded parts.

Design Essentials For Injection Molding

With injection molding, before production begins, there are important design elements to consider. These may improve the moldability of the parts, and ultimately, may reduce the chance of production hiccups, cosmetic defects, and other issues.

Precision Color Matching On Molded Parts

PolyOne’s PINPOINTä Express Color and Dosing System, featuring 3M precision dispensing and dosing technologies, allows Protolabs to develop custom colors on-site, drastically reducing the time it takes to mold short-run plastic parts in precise colors.



Protolabs helps remove the speed bumps created by tedious quoting times with an automated system that provides an interactive quote within hours of uploading a 3D CAD model.


You can make adjustments to the surface finish, material, and delivery of your parts inside the quote, and pricing will update in real time. The quote also highlights any potential design issues — from draft to material flow — and recommends immediate solutions. The result is quality parts shipped to you really fast.


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