InGaAs SWIR Camera: A6200sc

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InGaAs SWIR Camera: A6200sc

FLIR’s longstanding expertise in traditional infrared imaging applications has them poised to enter the SWIR imaging market to allow their customers to detect phenomena in the 0.9 to 1.7µm range. SWIR imaging can be used to image through paint to see hidden details, image through silicon for wafer analysis applications, and much more. The A6200sc can also be used as a high-temperature thermal measurement tool for ovens or furnaces.

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This particular SWIR camera utilizes and InGaAs detector with a 640 x 512 pixel resolution for both NIR and SWIR at 125 fps (full window size). Integration times, window size, frame rate, and synchronization can all be fully controlled by the user. Other cameras in this price range don't offer that flexibility and ultimately limit the user's choices to a fixed set of options. Another huge competitive advantage with the A6200sc NIR InGaAsSWIR camera is that it offers true synchornization of the camera to external events, such as a pulsed laser.

Ideal applications for the A6200sc include laser beam profiling, solar cell non-destructive testing, astronomy, art restoration, imaging through silicon or glass, and targeting and scoring range testing for directed energy applications.

Additional specifications include:

  • Detector Pitch: 25µm
  • Quantum Efficiency: >80% from 1 to 1.6µm
  • Well Capacity:
    • Low Gain: 2.5 M electrons
    • High Gain: 0.075 M electrons
  • Operability: 99.5% (99.8% typical)
  • Sensor Cooling: TEC (0-20oC)
  • Dynamic Range: 14-bit
  • Integration time: 2µs to 687 seconds

For additional information on the A6200sc SWIR camera’s features and specifications, download the datasheet or check out the video below.

Introduction to the FLIR A6200sc SWIR camera

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