Newsletter | February 18, 2020

02.18.20 -- Infrared's Impact On Manufacturing, Military Test Ranges, And R&D Applications

Improving Additive Manufacturing With The Help Of Infrared
In contrast with subtractive manufacturing methods such as machining, additive manufacturing technologies create components directly from a computer model, adding material only where needed. This article discusses how infrared cameras can help manufacturers find systematic problems and determine what changes are needed to maintain product quality.
A Guide To Thermal Imaging On The Military Test Range
One of the greatest advantages of thermal imaging cameras in military research and range applications is their ability to image and record thermal data without the need to touch the target under testing. This e-book offers a comprehensive understanding of research and science thermography with topics including how IR cameras work, finding resolution in a distant image, and challenges of infrared radiance measurement.
Tips For Selecting An Infrared Camera For Research And Development Applications
There are arguably countless types of infrared cameras on the market that can be used in research science applications. So how do you go about choosing the best one for you? Jerry Beeney discusses some important considerations in the decision process for choosing a camera including temperature, speed, and distance requirements.
Overcoming The Challenges Of Measuring Temperature At High Speeds

Measuring the temperature of fast-moving objects can be very challenging since traditional temperature measurement devices are often too slow or simply impractical. This brief webinar discusses how recent developments in high-speed thermal camera technology provides the ability to easily visualize and accurately measure temperatures on extremely fast-moving targets. 

Compact MWIR HD Thermal Camera

The FLIR A8580 high-definition thermal camera is designed with best-in-class imagery for industrial, military, and manufacturing R&D applications. The MWIR camera includes a 1.3 MP detector that captures beautiful, crisp images, and a 4-position warm filter wheel that permits the measurement of temperatures up to 3,000°C.