Datasheet | August 15, 2011

Datasheet: Infrared Cameras For Science & Research: FLIR SC7000 LWIR Series

Source: FLIR Systems, Inc - Research & Science

FLIR SC7000 LWIR Series Features

Accurate Temperature Measurement with FLIR Hypercal™– Ensures the best measurement range with the highest sensitivity; simply set the desired lower and upper temperature limits and the camera will automatically adjust to the appropriate integration (exposure) time.

Motorized Filter Wheel – Field-replaceable 4-positionfilter wheel for neutral density and spectral filtering applications.

Advanced Triggering Capabilities – Smart external triggering with ultra-low jitter allows synchronization of the image integration to the most fleeting of events.

Fast Full Frame Rates – Our 320 × 256 and 640 × 512 Long-Wave focal plane arrays deliver an outstanding 235 Hz and 115 Hz full frame rate respectively.

FPA Windowing – Programmable frame rate from 1 Hz to full frame with sub array windowing modes allowing for faster frame speeds.

Plug & Play Interfaces – Gigabit Ethernet or Camera Link™ transmit commands and full dynamic digital video.

Built-in IRIG-B Timing Option – Provides on-board deterministic time-stamping of each frame of data.

Temperature Range Extension – "Superframing" allows the sequential acquisition of thermal data from up to four user-defined temperature ranges, and then merges those streams into a single real-time video that spans all four temperature ranges, effectively extending dynamic range from 14-bit to 16-bit.

Orion Multi-Spectral Option – Includes a high speed 8-position filter wheel with rotation synchronized by the FPA clock, capable of capturing up to 400 frames per second, with each frame linked to a specific filter for true high speed multispectral imaging.

Tailored to Your Application – FLIR offers a wide range of accessories including ExaminIR analysis software, lenses, microscopes, stands, data systems, and a software developer's kit.

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