Infrared Cameras for Science & Research: SC7000 Series

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Infrared Cameras for Science & Research — MWIR & LWIR: FLIR SC7000 Series

FLIR's entry level device into cooled Infrared camera technology, the FLIR SC7000 Series, is specifically designed for academic and industrial research and science applications as well as integrators who require a flexible camera with high sensitivity, accuracy, spatial resolution, and speed at an affordable cost.

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FLIR's SC7000 Series offers better sensitivity and better accuracy for the ability to see very subtle temperature differences. The smaller spot size (able to resolve down to 5 microns) makes the SC7000 Series the ideal solution for microscopic applications as well. Shorter integration times reduce image blur for very dynamic events and the fast frame rates and cooled camera technology allow for more deterministic data capture capability.

FLIR SC7000 Series Infrared Camera Features:

  • MWIR and LWIR spectral bands
  • 320 x 256 and 640 x 512 MCT and InSb detectors
  • Close-up imaging down to 3 µm
  • 4-position and 8-position motorized filter
  • Cost effective

An advanced solution with excellent thermal imagery, fast frame rates, and outstanding temperature accuracy and sensitivity, the SC7000 Series is available with a field-replaceable motorized filter wheel and many lens options.

More information on FLIR's advanced Infrared cameras solutions for academic, science, research and industrial applications.

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