Industrial Diode Laser Modules: LuOcean P2

Source: Laser Components USA, Inc.

Industrial Diode Laser Modules: LuOcean P2

LASER COMONENTS’ LuOcean P2 series is composed of lasers designed for industrial use, featuring an optical output power of 20-170 W in pumping, illumination, and medical treatment applications. The ready-to-use diode laser systems stand out with low operating currents, precise optical power control, simple driver design, and high lifetime lengths.

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The LuOcean P2 series covers the red to IR wavelength ranges. These medical laser diode systems are optionally equipped with a power monitor, a fiber sensor, a red or green pilot laser, and an included water cooling plate. The LuOcean P2 may also be outfitted with VBG (volume Bragg grating), or a back-reflection filter.

Download the datasheet for specifications on the many models in the LuOcean P2 series.

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