Industrial Diode Laser Modules: LuOcean M2 Series

Source: Laser Components USA, Inc.

Industrial Diode Laser Modules: LuOcean M2 Series

The LuOcean M2 lasers are laser module systems comprising multiple singe emitter laser diodes and a D80 connector, or uncooled D80 connector. They are well suited for a wide range of industrial applications, including material processing, pumping, or illumination.

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The LuOcean M2 lasers are equipped with burn-in tested single emitters, a temperature sensor, and a power monitor. The laser diode facet passivation, extensive burn-in testing, and screening of the individual single emitters are performed to ensure a long lifetime for each laser system. Additional options for these lasers include up to 2 fiber sensors and/or 2 temperatures sensors, a red pilot laser, and a back-reflection filter or a replaceable protection window.

Download the datasheet for more specifications and benefits for the LuOcean M2 laser series.

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