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Source: Xenics

Day and Night Vision Threat Detection: Rufus-640-Analog SWIR Camera

Among the most important features of the newly developed Xenics´Rufus-640 SWIR camera is a set of embedded proprietary algorithms resulting in superior situational awareness despite fog, haze or high humidity and during bright daylight or moonless nights. Depending on the light conditions, the camera will determine the best image optimisation by using either automatic exposure time control or automatic gain mode with a fixed integration time.

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The set of embedded algorithms for the Rufus-640 SWIR camera perform image  correction and calibration, as well as enhancement functions such as auto gain, auto exposure, bad pixel replacement, histogram stretching and trigger in/out.

As a result the on-board algorithms provide the best image quality to the given application. This alleviates systems designers of the time consuming task of  developing their own software-based specs to obtain good image quality.

Rufus-640 reaches best contrast and high image quality. The SWIR camera is ultra-small and specifically designed for extreme day and night vision operation with identification of threats and danger at all times and at long distance. The camera can be easily combined with our thermal cameras “Raven”, boosting detection, recognition and identification to unseen levels. As Xenics offers flexible solutions, more SWIR cameras with digital interface and on-board image processing are  available as well.

For additional information on specifications, features, and available accessories, download the datasheet. You can also contact Xenics directly to learn more about the Rufus-640-Analog SWIR Camera.

Visit Xenics’ website for more information.

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