Newsletter | January 19, 2005

1.19.05 -- Image Sensor Will Show What The Eyes See, And A Camera Cannot
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Photron's PC-Based, Hi-Speed, Hi-Res Video Imaging System Captures 1000 fps

Photron announces the FASTCAM-X 1024 PCI™ - the world's first PC-based high speed video imaging system that features full mega pixel resolution up to 1000 frames per second. The FASTCAM-X uses an ultra light-sensitive 10-bit CMOS sensor with large, 17 micron square pixels.

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New Image Sensor Will Show What The Eyes See, And A Camera Cannot
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Featured Products
ThermoVision Micron Infrared Camera
ThermoVision Micron is the world's smallest thermal camera - yet it delivers performance and features typically found only on larger, much more expensive infrared systems. This unique, robust little camera is perfect for stand-alone imaging applications, or as an OEM core where space, weight, and power are important considerations and performance is critical. Downloadable spec sheet and product brochure available...

Spanner-head Filters
Spanner bushings from Corry Micronics save space and are easy to install. Sizes range from 2/56 to 8/32 and are available in capacitance values up to 10,000 pF. Downloadable product catalog available...

1- and 2-D InGaAs Focal Plane Arrays And Linear Arrays
A linear array is a row of individual detectors similar to those found in a facsimile machine or a document scanner. The difference, however, is that the InGaAs linear array detects light in the SWIR spectral range, specifically 0.9 to 1.7 µm or 1.1 to 2.2 µm. Linear arrays are available in various sizes, defined by the detector height and number of pixels in the array...

Reflectance, Spectroscopy Accessories
Labsphere Reflectance Spectroscopy Accessories are available for measurement of quantities such as diffuse reflectance, total hemispherical reflectance, color, variable incident angle transmittance and relative specular transmittance...

Consulting Services
ProSavvy brings clients with projects together with consultants who have the right expertise. We also provide consultants the ability to access project opportunities. Visit ProSavvy and post your project today!
Photonics Online Welcomes Our Newest Supplier
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Brochure: Advanced Photonix, Inc. - Optoelectronic Solutions
Our mission at API is to support your optoelectronic needs with a broad array of high-quality opto solutions. API specializes in the design and development of high-performance silicon photodiodes and optoelectronic assemblies for military, industrial, medical, automotive, and communication markets worldwide...
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