Newsletter | September 19, 2022

09.19.22 -- How To Enhance Optical Blocking

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Canon DC Brushless Servo Motors: Powerful Precision In A Petite Package

Canon DC brushless servo motors’ combination of compact size, high torque, precision positioning, and high response make them ideal for medical and industrial applications.

Industry Insights
How To Enhance Optical Blocking Using Multiple Filters

Any background light that reaches the detector of an optical system can greatly compromise signal-to-noise ratio. Using more than one blocking filter is a solution that requires careful consideration.

Expanding Applications Of Solid-State Lasers

In recent years, market demand for laser processing has increased due to its inherent advantages and technological development. 808nm VCSELs aim to further expand the applications of solid-state lasers.

Montana State University Teaches Laser Eye Safety

The Optical Technology Center (OpTeC) of Montana State University won a pyroelectric detector for laser energy measurement in the first edition of the Gentec-EO Laser Lab Awards. Their use of the detector? Laser eye safety and education.

Voice-Coil Nanopositioning Stages For Two-Photon Polymerization

Two-photon polymerization (TPP) is based on two-photon absorption (TPA), a third-order nonlinear optical phenomena whereby simultaneous absorption of two photons excites a molecule to a higher energy state. TPA is employed for micro-fabrication purposes, using highly focused coherent light to fabricate sub-diffraction limited structures via laser direct write methods.

The Role Of DUV Coatings In Enabling Next Gen Semiconductor Devices

The latest innovation in optical coatings technology is helping to meet the evolving requirements of today’s semiconductor industry. G&H explains how the latest developments in DUV coatings can optimize your laser tool performance at even shorter wavelengths.

Using High-Speed Cameras To Analyze Fruit Fly Biolocomotion

Using Phantom high-speed cameras, Cornell University researchers analyze the biolocomotion of fruit flies, a complex natural process that inspires the development of micro air vehicles.

Confirming Picometer Performance Of Nanopositioning Systems

Mad City Labs is the only nanopositioning company showing real-world experimental verification of <50-pm closed-loop step-resolution.

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High-Speed Imaging Of Additive Manufacturing

In this video, we look at how a Phantom high-speed camera enabled researchers to better understand the laser-matter interaction in additive manufacturing processes.

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Video: BaySpec Breeze Handheld Spectrometer

The Breeze is a handheld spectrometer with full VIS, NIR, and SWIR coverage from 400 - 2,500 nm. This handheld spectrometer features proprietary miniaturized optics and high efficiency for maximum sensitivity with high-speed acquisition. This compact device allows operation with the touch of a button.

Featured Solutions
Charoite SWIR Lens: 1.4/23 C

Schneider Optics' Charoite Lens is a compact 2/3" C-mount SWIR lens, designed for the 800 - 1,800 nm spectral range. With its robust mechanical design and locking screws for focus and iris, it maintains its high optical imaging performance even in harsh environments. A special SWIR coating and internal lacquering reduce stray light, resulting in high contrast images.

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Schneider Optics
MicroOLED Microdisplay Series

Sensors Unlimited's MicroOLED microdisplays are designed for near-to-eye applications that require compact packaging, high image quality, high definition, high brightness, wide field of view, and optimized power consumption. The MDP01, MDP02, and MDP03 microdisplays are designed on MicroOLED proprietary low-voltage technology.

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Sensors Unlimited – A part of Collins Aerospace
Compass 2 Metrology System

ZYGO's Compass 2 metrology systems set the benchmark for automated, non-contact 3D surface metrology and process control for discrete micro lenses and molds critical to compact camera modules found in smartphones, tablets, and automotive vision systems.

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Zygo Corporation
Optran UV NSS Silica/Silica Fiber With Hermetic Carbon Layer

The innovative Optran UV NSS is a solarization-resistant optical fiber with a hermetic carbon layer ideal for spectroscopy, medical diagnostics, and laser delivery systems.

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Armadillo SIA