High-Speed Optical Wavelength Meter: 828 Series

Source: Bristol Instruments, Inc.

High-Speed Optical Wavelength Meter: 828 Series

The 828 Optical Wavelength Meter Series comprises two models of interferometer-based wavelength meters designed to measure the absolute wavelength of WDM lasers with an accuracy of ± 1 pm. With a measurement rate as high as 1 kHz, WDM components can be more efficiently tested.

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Features include:

  • Wavelength measured to an accuracy as high as ± 0.3 pm.
  • Automatic calibration with a built-in wavelength standard.
  • Measurement confidence level of ≥ 99.7%.
  • Traceable to NIST standard.
  • Fastest measurement rate of 1 kHz for reduced testing times.
  • Simultaneous measurement of optical power to ± 0.5 dB.
  • High sensitivity of -40 dBm (0.1 µW).
  • Operates with CW and modulated signals.
  • Convenient touch-screen display reports measurement data in a variety of formats.
  • Interfacing via SCPI using USB, Ethernet, or GPIB.
  • Rugged design for manufacturing environments.

For more information on the 828 Series High-Speed Optical Wavelength Meter, download the datasheets or visit the webpage.

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