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05.24.23 -- High Speed Imaging: Realizing The Gains Of Closed-Loop Velocity Control

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Spotlight On Nanopositioning Equipment
High-Speed Imaging: Realizing The Gains Of Closed-Loop Velocity Control

Queensgate, a division of Prior Scientific Ltd., manufactures piezo-driven nanopositioning stages, piezo actuators. and capacitive sensors. These provide core building blocks for cutting-edge scientific instrumentation and are used in diverse fields such as optics, microscopy, and metrology. 

Positioning At The Nanoscale (And Below): Trust In Proven Performance

Through a deep knowledge of sensing technologies, technically adept personnel, and experience across a bevy of applications, Mad City Labs helps our customers operate smaller and more cost-effectively than any competitor.

Utilizing Fluorescence Filters For Microscopy And Imaging

Because image quality is highly dependent on the design and overall performance of the fluorescence filters integrated into microscope and imaging systems, optical filter performance is just as important to the final image as sample preparation and fluorophore selection.

Do You Know What You Are Really Buying?

Datasheets can be misleading. So how do you know what you are really buying? To help optical designers and engineers view optical datasheets more critically and ask the right questions of lens providers, this article discusses key datasheet parameters.

Industry Insights
Freeform Optical Solutions For Digital Immersive Displays In AR/MR

Freeform optical surface shapes have evolved from an intriguing optical design concept to a practical necessity for applications ranging from space and defense to consumer electronics. The demand is no more strongly felt than in the development of digital immersive displays for AR/MR. 

Measuring Laser Power With The IS Series

Gentec-EO’s new IS power detectors combine the speed of photodetectors with the attenuation of integrating spheres. Combining these two technologies with Gentec-EO’s own recipe for a high damage-threshold absorber offers many advantages.

Intro To Multiphoton Microscopy

Multiphoton microscopy is ideal for capturing high-resolution 3D images with reduced photobleaching and phototoxicity compared to traditional confocal microscopy techniques.

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Magnetic Levitation Nanopositioning Stage w/6DOF Control Technology Demonstrator

Magnetic levitation, or MagLev, technology allows frictionless motion with resolution down to the sub-nanometer range as well as the active control of all 6 degrees of freedom, without any mechanical restrictions or connections.

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Video: Nanopositioners, What Are They Good For?

This presentation, from the APS March 2021 Meeting by Shannon Ghorbani, will give an overview of what a nanopositioning system is, and more importantly, how this versatile tool can be used across a range of physics applications.

Featured Solutions
Digital Galvano Scanning System: GM Series

Industry-leading high-performance, fully digital Galvano scanning system from Canon. LED optical encoder (digital position sensor) with high-speed digital servo controller brings high precision and high accuracy that surpasses all analog Galvano scanners in the market.

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Canon USA, Inc. Optoelectronic Components
Fluorescence Filters

Iridian Spectral Technologies delivers fluorescence emission filters, excitation filters, fluorescence filter sets, and fluorescence multi-band filters for fluorescence analysis instruments, fluorescence imaging instruments, and fluorescence microscopes. The available emission, excitation, and dichroic filters provide more signal, less background noise, high transmission and reflection levels, low ripple, steep edges, and deep block to fluorescence instrument users and OEMs.

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Iridian Spectral Technologies
Advanced Spectral Instruments And Light Sources For Telecommunications And Fiber Optic Sensing

BaySpec designs, manufactures, and markets advanced spectral instruments and light sources for the telecommunications and fiber optic sensing industries, with more than 35,000 units deployed around the globe.

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BaySpec Inc.