Case Study

High-Speed Imaging Case Study: Vision Research Digital High-Speed Cameras Will Play A Key Role In The Next-Generation NASA Moon Missions

Source: Vision Research, Inc.

Just as video was an important component of the Apollo Program, Vision Research digital high-speed cameras will play a key role in the next-generation NASA moon missions. The future of space exploration now resides with NASA's Constellation Program, America's next-generation human spaceflight system that will replace the Space Shuttley, and transport astronauts to the International Space Station, back to the moon and beyond. According to NASA, unlike earlier programs, Constellation will "directly inherit the legacies of both Apollo and the Space Shuttle, using parts and concepts of these earlier programs to build more dependable and economical craft." The Constellation Program includes the new Orion crew vehicle, reminiscent of the crew vehicles of the Apollo program, as well as the Ares rocket that will launch it into space.